Full Whatsapp Chats btw Happie Boys and the G.O of OPM during hardship at Cyprus

Here is the full chats between Happie Boys and the General Overseer of OPM, when the boys were met with hardship in a foreign country, North Cyprus.

Hear them as they lament:

“After so many texts without getting replies back from @papa.opm promising us a 100% scholarship through the years of our schooling after supporting us for the first 6 months here in Cyprus which we’re forever grateful and thankful to Papa!

After asking us to wait for another 6 months before he can continue with the scholarship as he said due to the rise in dollar, we listened & waited we became confused waited without getting any support.

Everyone on the scholarship dropped out while some who came from rich house continued schooling this is 9 months now we have being surviving by our selfs doing so many dirty jobs to get money because we can’t call our Family .. bills and rent became so hard for us to pay, even feeding most night we slept on the streets in cold weather while sending him proof videos & texts without getting any human sympathy from him who sent us here!!

We entered 2023 with our heart bleeding while everyone thinks we’re fine, still on the grind we waited and can’t keep this to ourselves anymore then last month we went on live to discuss this matter with my fans to be aware about what is going on so we can know the next step to take and someone screen-recorded the live and sent to him!!

We said nothing bad about the Man of GOD And he put up the Live video and dropped that VN on the group were everyone he brought to Cyprus is because we came on live to talk about where our shoes hurts us!!

For the bad and good days Lord🙏🏻 We’re forever grateful To God almighty 🥀“Watin We No Know, No Go Ever Know Us””

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~ Fidelis.

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