Here’s the full Story of OPM General Overseer VS Happie Boys

Here’s the full picture of OPM General Overseer VS Happie Boys— I will summarize the preamble and elaborate when their chaos started

So the two boys (Happie Boys) went viral for dancing in front of their security post as security guards for a restaurant, Chicken Republic, they got even more viral when Chicken Republic sacked them for causing nuisance leaving their duty post and resorting to dancing on 1st March, 2022.

In the Buzz of the moment, OPM General overseer stepped into the scene, and said the boys were too young to be working as security guards that he will provide them scholarships to study in a foreign country.

Understand that the said Pastor had been known for many philanthropic activities he renders, so a scholarship for those boys weren’t seen as chasing clout of any sort,

The OPM General overseer did his bid, sent the boys to North Cyprus, a country many term as Not-fertile to school and gave them the said scholarship.

What was shocking was 6months in, the Pastor stopped catering for their needs, stopped clothing them and they had no choice than hanging on with friends as all their pleas and complaints to the Man of God landed on deaf ears,

They had direct contact to the OPM General overseer via WhatsApp.

The reason the issue escalated now, was during a LIVE session on Instagram, people asked about their well-being and the boys said they were suffering as the Pastor has since neglected them in a foreign country where jobs are scarce and cost of living is high.

The revelation from that LIVE session must have angered the pastor into feeling used, he felt he had done his part to lift the boys from poverty, that 6 months of scholarship is well-enough, but unknown to him, the boys thought it was 100%.

In a Screenshot I will post in my next post, you can see the boys all through March – May 2023 sending loads of messages to the general overseer to help them with N150,000 to add up to their N300,000 for their rent, but the pastor would always reply “There is not money in Nigeria” or “I don’t have any money” that dollar has risen and he can’t support at the moment, meanwhile in the heat of their hunger in April, the pastor shared a photo of them on Instagram with caption “Only God has the capacity to restore your destiny” and people in the comments were happy and praising the man of God for taking the Happie Boys out of poverty.

As at writing this, the boys are scouting for funds to return back to Nigeria and resume their dancing were they left off.

~ Fidelis.

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