This is total nonsense from a swayed Soul.

He wrote

You Will Play My Song In Club If I Make A Christian Album, Wizkid Boasts

Music star, Ayo Balogun, aka Wizkid, has boasted that if he sings a Christian album, his fans will play his album in nightclubs because all of his songs are always hits.

He said this in a video shared on Instagram on Thursday night.

Wizkid said that all of his songs have ‘vibes’ saying, “First of all, let me put this out there, every Wizkid album is always going to be vibes. If I make a Christian album today, you’re going to play that sh*t in the club.”

He announced the release of his new album, ‘More Love Less Ego’ on Friday via his verified Instagram page.

Credit: Instagram | wizkidnews

My comment: He is jeopardizing the life of many, helping them find their way to hell but our dear Christain Ministers are depopulating hell with their beautiful, demon fearing songs.

How dare you call Christain song “Sh*t”. You have so grown wings to have the time to send insult to Christains and the ministers who sing Christain song.

Your soul is dining in hell already, no much word…We just pray that by the time you realize the world of Fame you are in is in replacement of your soul, it won’t be late.

There’s still a big chance to become a child of God because the blood of Jesus cannot be in vain for your sake.. You can’t be a wasted resources when the most valuable blood have bought your soul.

The decision of salvation is yours. This also goes to everyone out there who are smiling in darkness and enduring the pain that hell gives, Jesus love you and want you.

The opportunity to witness the peace 🕊️ of God is still very much available. Come and be saved before devil takes your soul…

Jesus loves you.

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