For I think that God hath set forth us the apostles last, as it were appointed to death: for we are made a spectacle unto the world, and to angels, and to men.
1 Cor 4:9

I have been on the move for some days now, I had to attend to alot of questions about life troubles of preachers, the above scripture came into my mind.

There are some things I don’t have accurate explanation to except leaning on the scripture as we navigate.

Listening to an elder in faith in the company of other preachers, he narrated his ordeal some years back.

He was pastoring a church that had many folks who were struggling, one of them challenged him else he would leave for another church.

The pastor began to fast and pray long, soon God intervened, lives were transformed.

He was vomiting blood on that faithful day when God spoke to him that he shall help the entire church.

Soon his health began to fail, it was so worst that the members requested for another pastor from the headquarters.

The pastor was sent back to his people, they bought him a pepper grinding machine.

A man that could barely stand.

He was crying to God one night with his wife and He told him, he only wanted to let him see the men he nearly died for.

God did heal him, he transformed his life.

In such time of trouble or persecution, dont allow satan lead you into blaming God or fighting back.

Another one that got me thinking was a brother his pastor warned not to marry a sister, he took the pastor as an enemy.

Months later trouble started, the brother returned to the same pastor, for almost 6yrs they were praying until God showed him mercy.

Everyone believed the brother story against the pastor during the trouble.

The elders even punished the pastor without knowing the truth.

Persecution should not make you turn against God.

Let me share this funny one, a brother came to me, I told him not to go ahead with the sister because he cannot handle the sister.

He left and came back with another name, the Lord told me it was the same person, he only gave me another name of her.

I told him not to go ahead.

He left me and went ahead to marry the sister, the marriage didn’t last for a year, the sister almost kill him.

He came to me, saying I abandoned him to deal with his trouble alone, someone who blocked my number, lied to me that he had moved out of Lagos.

I was so sad but God told me not to get angry.

Are you a pastor going through persecution, please don’t turn back, it had been so with those before us.

People will lie against you, no one will believe your side of the story, they will judge you before the truth come out but don’t allow them turn you against God.

Last weekend, I was talking with a pastor, he said why should believers kill their own before knowing the truth, I just kept quiet.

Those you even think are mature believers will go ahead and crucify you.

Focus on Jesus.

Someone came to tell me a pastor was into blown adultery, I kept quiet and asked him if he had investigated the matter, he said no.

I told him to stand up and get out.

I have been through false accusations before, I knew how I felt before the truth came out.

Dear friend, persecution is real, when it comes, because it will surely, stay with Jesus, you shall overcome.

I was in a very long white fasting for over 200 days some years ago, someone was spreading in the church then that I was bleaching my skin because I became light skinned and countenance.

It’s a time of darkness, this is what the bible say, For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.
Psalm 30:5

AT Joel.

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