By May Olusola
Edited by Leke Beecroft

The extraordinary Bible teacher and Founder of Bahamas Faith Ministries International Dr. Myles Munroe who died with his beautiful wife Pastor Ruth Ann Munroe and others in a small plane crash on November 9th, 2014 was among those who rose to prominence through the ministry of Benson Idahosa.

Munroe it is said had so much to share with the world and did so to the best of his ability before he passed on to glory. A speaker, bestselling author and senior pastor of BFMI, Munroe was born into a very poor family. He lived with his parents and 10 siblings in a two-bedroom shack in the Bahamas. They spent their early years sleeping on the floor among rats and cockroaches. At the age of 5, Munroe had his first vision while seated on a heap of dirty clothes. He saw himself as very successful, wearing nice clothes, driving nice cars, and traveling around the world in a private jet. Although too young to grasp what he saw, he took it and stored it in a box of faith to be opened when the time came. In the meantime he occupied his mind with watching television until the day his mother cautioned him, saying, “The more you watch TV, you will never get on TV.” That statement got him thinking and empowered him to substitute the time he was spending watching television with reading books. At the time of his death, he had written many bestselling books.

Munroe formed a successful Christian music group in his teenage years. Although his songs were about his life experiences, they attracted many young people into the Kingdom of God.

He worked for the government of the Bahamas for four years as an administrative secretary of education and managed a Bible study fellowship at the same time. He was passionate about seeing people gain knowledge about God, although he had no plan of ever becoming a pastor. In no time, the Bible study outgrew his secular job, and he was about to find out that man can propose but God will dispose if it is not in His will for the individual.

The turning point for Munroe was a trip to attend a religious program in Tulsa, Oklahoma. On one of the program nights the scheduled speaker, the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa, wasn’t able to make it. Like a bolt out of the blue, Munroe was chosen to replace him. He spoke at 7:30 p.m. that evening. It was the only evening that week when the media, including TBN and some radio stations, were present. He was at the right place at the right time. He preached about the same Kingdom principles he taught until his death.

From that night, his life story was rewritten and his international ministry was born. Book publishers, radio, and TV stations began approaching him.

The late Archbishop Benson Idahosa once said in one of his messages

“Success is Preparation meeting Opportunity”.

Myles Munroe probably listened to that message.

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