Top 10 Car Dealers in Nigeria

Cars as we all know is a means of transportation, everyone wants to own a car even little children and that is so wonderful.

In Nigeria today, so many people want to own a car, everyone wants to drive in the best cars and feel good and also be the center of attraction where ever they stop or when they drive by. However it is very important to not just run to the market to any car dealer and purchase a car.

I have made a list and I would love you to have a look at the following top car dealers in Nigeria. I have made this list so as for you to make sure you are purchasing a car from a reputable dealer that is well rated by customers, they are quite reputable, and trusted by customers too.

 Here Are the List of Major Car Dealership in Nigeria

  • Lanre Shittu

For more than a decade, this car dealer has been consistently providing its customers with quality products and services and with lots of variety most especially. I doubt if you have not come across Lanre Shittu car dealer in one way or another during your quest of searching for good cars and car dealers in Nigeria, even if you have not, you should have seen a car with Lanre Shittu sticker on the rear glass.

One thing that particularly distinguishes this car dealer from other car dealers in Nigeria is their car prices, which are quite reasonable and affordable. You can reach them at their website at .

  • Elizade

This is one car dealer in Nigeria that has always been around for a long time now, and they are quite popular even among people who do not deal on cars. This car dealer is quite recognized for its peculiar products and services offering.

Elizade particularly focuses on offering its customers quality Toyota cars only. If you are in need of some good Toyota car, you can always contact them at .

  • Kefiano Motors

Kefiano Motors particularly focuses on offering various car brands in the industry such as Toyota, Mercedes, Honda, and a whole lot more.

They do not only offer quality new cars at great prices, but they also offer used cars at very good prices as well. Kefiano Motors can simply be contacted by logging onto their website at .

  • Globe Motors

When it comes to quality and affordable cars, you can always bet on Globe Motors. Globe Motors are one of the top car dealers in Nigeria. Their major focus is on brand cars such as Toyota, Hyundai, Honda, BMW, Nissan, and others.

Also, you have nothing to worry when it comes to car prices because their cars are some of the most affordable cars. Also, they provide customers with warranty. You can reach them at .

  • Carmudi

Carmudi is one top car dealer in Nigeria that has been doing the business for a long while now. The company particularly focuses on offering a lot of car brands online in different sizes and prices to its customers.

They are a very reputable car dealer, and you will not regret the products and services they have to offer. To contact this car dealer, and feed your eyes with the cars they have to offer, simply visit their website at .

  • Tejude Motors

Tejude Motors is another car dealer in Nigeria that rings a bell in the ears of a lot of Nigerians. One reason why this car dealer is quite popular among Nigerians who are interested in cars is the fact that they provide lots of variety in their product offering. They not only offer great quality cars to their customers, but the prices are also very affordable and reasonable.Customers do not necessarily have to break the bank just to get a good car of great quality. Also, buyers who are interested in purchasing used cars could also contact this car dealer; they would readily find the prices reasonable, and the cars too are sure to be in great performance.

  • Cheki

Cheki is another top car dealer in Nigeria. In fact they consider themselves as the very best in the industry in Nigeria.

They particularly operate as outsourcing agent or company to other car dealers in Nigeria, therefore, their price range is one of the most affordable and reasonable in the industry in Nigeria.

Also, they offer a whole lot of varieties of cars to their customers. They can be contacted at .

  • Affordable Cars

At Affordable Cars, you could get any kind of car you are interested in. Affordable Cars is among the top car dealers in Nigeria which offer a whole lot of good cars that you can choose from.

You can get some really low priced cars at great quality there. If you are interested in contacting them, you only need to log onto

  • Coscharis Motors

This car dealer has also been in the industry for quite a considerable period of time, and has won a place in the hearts of many householders.

They are a very trusted brand in the industry, and they have their branches spread out in various parts of Nigeria. They can easily be reached at .

  • Banix Motors

Banix Motors is one of the top car dealers in Nigeria that has built its reputation as a very reliable and trusted car dealer. Over the years they have been able to win the hearts of customers because of their products and services offering.

They offer new and fairly used cars, and their prices will not require you to break the bank also. If you are interested in contacting this car dealer, simply visit their website at .

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