– Bishop Wale Oke at Holy Ghost Convention 2021: Abundant Rain, Day 4 Evening Session.

God doesn’t need a whole week to change your life. He does not even need a whole day or hour either. Just one moment of encounter and your life changes.

Psalm 105:26-27

Lord let your word come line upon line and precept upon precept. Lord set your word on fire and let there be mighty signs and wonders, in Jesus name we pray.

When we talk of abundant rain, we talk of a season of change. Abundant rain is revival. Abundant rain is when the heavens are opened and when abundant rain comes, everything changes. The negative ends – drought ends, barrenness ends, lack ends, emptiness ends.

– Whatever is negative in your life is over.

Abundant rain ends all the loneliness, hunger, lack ends. I was preaching at a church in Lagos, in 1993, it was a Redeemed Christian Church of God. It had become a real big church with over 4000 branches. But it was in one of the branches in Lagos that year. They just passed through a crisis, a former pastor broke off and carried people away. I was invited to come, there was a gentleman from Delta State or the area you call Bendel those days. I didn’t know he was a big man but he was the one assigned to drive me around.

On the last day of the convention, he said ”Daddy I won’t let you go, I am a man in need. I have a paint factory in Ikeja that is shut down. I owe a bank a lot of money and they are about to auction the property. I have sold out my vehicles and everything to pay up the money, but it has compounded interest. The car I am using to carry you around is the only car I have left. Daddy you must bless me before you go and my situation must change”.

I said “Okay fine. Take me to church, after the meeting I will pray for you”. When you bless a prophet, the anointing on him replies you. Also when you strike a prophet the anointing on him replies you. The anointing is a two-edged sword, it’s a savour of life unto some and a savour of death unto some.

After I finished the meeting, I prayed for him. He put three thousand naira in an envelope and said that was all he could afford and I found myself prophesying, “in the same place where you are being oppressed, you will have dominion” and I left.

A few years ago I was returning from U.S. and a man met me at the luggage/arrival place in Lagos and he said “Daddy can you remember me?”. I said “No!”. He narrated the story to me. He said he wanted to show me what my God has done so he brought out his company card and gave it to me. He said he flew first class and we were in the same cabin but he didn’t want to disturb me. He said “I am the chairman of that bank, in case you need anything please let me know”. It was the same bank that wanted to auction his property in 1993, he was now the chairman of the same bank in Nigeria. What is it that God cannot do?

– Where you have been oppressed, you will have dominion.

When we were doing an anniversary of the ministry, I can’t remember whether it was 20th or 25th, in those days people were going to media houses to solicit their support. So I went to a major media establishment here in Ibadan, they had been told that I was coming to pay a courtesy visit so they summoned their entire board. They summoned the management to receive a distinguished man of God that God has raised for Ibadan. Mummy was with me, I entered into the place and I couldn’t believe my eyes, the man who was the chairman of the board of that media house was the man whose house I was a house boy in 1968 in this city.

My parents didn’t have money to send me to secondary school, so I began to do house boy jobs. This man was in the University of Lagos as at 1968, so he was a weekend husband in Ibadan. I was looking at him and doubting if that was really him, then when they announced his name and he welcomed me, the voice was still the same old voice that would tell me “Boy, get my water in the bathroom. Boy, put my food on the table”. Because he was a weekend husband he didn’t really recognize me. I didn’t have a bed in his house, I would sleep on the floor.

It was a good thing that his wife was not with him that day because his wife knew me very well. So he came up to give his address, he had already prepared an address to a distinguished man of God that God has taken all over the world and when he was done he requested that I pray for them. They all knelt down and I laid hands on all of them and I prayed and got out of there in a hurry because I didn’t want him to recognize me. I got out of there in tears.

The same man that was paying me six pence every month, he knelt down and I laid hands on him and after that he walked me to my car. The table turned, where I was a slave, I had Dominion.

When abundant rain comes, the positive begins. The hot weather becomes cool and refreshing. The ground that was barren, dusty gets soaked with water and is no longer dusty because a change has come.

– I prophesy that it will rain upon you and your life will begin to blossom.

God wants you to enjoy abundant rain. Which means no more stress in your life. No more tension.

God doesn’t want you to just enjoy abundant rain, he wants you to be a distributor and bringer of abundant rain. Anytime God wants to bring abundant rain on the earth, he sends somebody.

In the Book of First Kings Chapter 17 and 18, the land was backslidden and as a result the heavens where shut by Elijah. One man prayed and the heaven was shut, one man prayed again and opened the heaven. That is always God’s method.

I make my boast in the Lord, I am one of God’s recruiting officers for His end time army. My children are all over the world. God has sent me to somebody because we have entered the season of abundant rain, the hand of God will rest upon you not only to bless you but to be a blessing.

After you have enjoyed abundant rain, God wants to put his hand upon you so that where ever you go, there will be liberty and abundance of rain also.

Elijah didn’t need the abundant rain, all through the famine he was fed. At a point, he was fed by ravens, then angels, then when God wanted to bless that woman he sent him to her. Elijah didn’t go to the widow because of himself. Before the woman there was ravens, and God didn’t run out of ravens. Before the widow there was angels and God didn’t run out of angels.

God used Elijah to bless the widow, to give her hope and to multiply abundance in the midst of famine. It was a situation similar to Nigeria of today – naira is losing value everyday, millions of youths are jobless, but in the midst of that Elijah showed up and indeed the woman enjoyed abundance.

– In the midst of all the hardship in Nigeria, you will operate in abundance.

When the Israelites were in the bondage of Egypt, God raised one man. That is always his method – Raise one man. The power of one man. There is no limit to what God can do through you. Don’t write yourself off.

Exodus 3:7-8.


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