– Bishop Francis Wale Oke at Holy Ghost Convention 2021, tagged ‘Abundant Rain’ Day 4, Evening Session

With all the kidnappings, wickedness, banditry, all the insecurity in Nigeria, I have traveled around Nigeria, the best time to travel in the Northern part of Nigeria used to be in the night. I won’t do it now because of the wickedness all over the place, but in the midst of that, the glory of God will shine on you so you can be like another Elijah, the deliverer.
Exodus 3:8-10, somebody, hear the voice of the Lord, there is affliction and sorrow all over the place and God is saying come now, don’t stop at enjoying the Abundant Rain, I want to use you to deliver, may you hear the voice of the Lord and be His instrument.

God brings abundant rain through people that He sends. He sends with three major weapons;

1. A good news: He sends with His words, He reveals His Words to them. I am talking of the Word of the Lord that is revealed to you. 1 Samuel 3:7. The people that are instruments of deliverance, the Word of God is revealed to them. John 10:44-35. The Word of the Lord makes you a god on earth.
Say, Father, today reveal your Word to your children, give them dominion on earth, give them authority, make them gods.
Matthew 4:7, Colossians 1:3-6
Eat the Word, I surround myself with the Word, I read it, meditate, memorize, play it, enjoy chapters, I do it night and day.

2. He anoints them with His power: These are the instruments God gives the Deliverer. When the Lord anoints, the persons words are no longer ordinary.

We were visiting some families, we got to this place and the woman said, daddy, this my son has been stooling for days, I laid my hands on the boy and said stop stooling, that’s all I said, five days later, the mother came with the boy and said since you said stop stooling he has stopped going to the toilet at all. When you become the instrument that God will use to bring the rain, your words are very powerful even when they are negative, God still confirms it. Some children were mocking Elijah, he said let bear come and eat you up, it wasn’t the will of God to let the bear eat the children but God must honour the words of His servant, a bear appeared and ate them up. I am very cautious of my words. When God gives you words and puts His power on you, authority comes.
By the anointing of the Holy Spirit, receive that authority.

A family came to me, a close relation went out of their house and for over a week they had been looking for the person and they wanted me to pray. I did, the Lord said to tell them that by twenty-four hours the person will come back home, under twenty-four hours, the man walked back home and they came back to glorify God.
I stand on this sacred Altar, everything that the enemy stole from your life, receive it back, you will return with testimonies.

3. He gives them signs: When God spoke to Moses that he was going to be the deliverer of the people of Israel out of Egypt, He gave him signs. Signs and Wonders’ are for every believer.
Mark 16:17, these signs shall follow them that believe. When He raises people, He gives them His Word, His anointing and signs.
Psalms 105:26. If I want to be recounting my signs and wonders, we wouldn’t go home.

My Crusade at Ijebu Ode in 1985, the Ogboni there said I shouldn’t come, they wrote me a letter in red that if I don’t want my mother to mourn me I shouldn’t come. I showed God and He said go, I went
I prayed for my life, I wanted God to show them.
Through your life, may God show them.
I got there, fire came, I began to lift Jesus, Galatians 3:13-14, I was talking about how Jesus Christ broke every curse, there was a Muslim woman there whom her child had never spoken any word for all the days of her life, she was deaf and dumb, the woman had taken the daughter everywhere. I didn’t know they were in the crowd, seventeen minutes into my message, there was a noise in the crowd, the girl who had not been able to speak in the past, the tongue loosed, the ears opened and she was singing. The mother today is married to an elder in the RCCG and the girl is a pastor’s wife. Before the Crusade was over, I visited the head of the Ogboni, I preached to him, prayed for him. The same man authorized a letter to me that I shouldn’t come.

Signs will follow you! wonders will follow you!
Say, father, use me to release abundant rain wherever I go, use me to bring great changes, let your mighty hand rest upon me the same way it rested on Elijah

Say, Father, make me your instrument of signs and wonders and wherever I go, signs and wonders will happen in the name of Jesus
Receive the Spirit of wisdom, understanding, might, knowledge, let there be an impartation of spiritual gifts
Many of you receive the gift of healing.
Many of you receive the gift of prophecy, receive the words of wisdom, knowledge, receive the working of miracles, the mighty hand of the Lord will fall upon you in the name of Jesus.

If you want to give your life to Christ, you want to be truly born again and make it to heaven, wherever you are today is your day, He has been looking for you to save. Say, Lord Jesus, come into my heart, I accept you today, I give my life to you from today. Your sins are forgiven in Jesus name.


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