Wisdom for Young Ministers and Pastors on Fasting and Praying for Results!

I was counseling a young minister recently who was suffering from ulcer as a result of consistent long fastings. While talking with him, I discovered that despite his recurrent fasting and prayers, he had little or nothing to show for it. He was actually at the point of terrible pain and utter frustration.

I also noticed he was not alone in such a situation, there are many others who have met me on same issue- they have invested so much in fasting and prayer yet, nothing much to show ministerially.

You see, many times we engage in spiritual exercises because we heard there was an Apostle Joseph Babalola, an Archbishop Benson Idahosa or a Smith Wigglesworth who fasted same way, stayed in the bush or mountain and came out with raw fire. We forget that dispensations, mandates and dealings differ.

I told the young man, “stop all these religious-cum ‘charismatic’ fast, and fast strategically if it is a long fast.

Look at this:

Luke 4:1-2.
And Jesus being full of the Holy Ghost returned from Jordan, and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness,
Being forty days tempted of the devil. And in those days he did eat nothing: and when they were ended, he afterward hungered.

Jesus did not go into the wilderness for forty days because Moses and Elijah did same, He was led.

You MUST understand that fasting does not change or move God, it changes and subdues your flesh in other to heighten your spiritual connectivity and receptivity to divine transmission frequency. Therefore, know and understand your body system and what is suitable for you at every given time, no man’s experience is a divine template.

Regular weekly fasting to maintain spiritual alertness is a necessity for every minister but long fastings MUST be under divine instruction for a well defined season and purpose.

Now you must realize that fasting does not lead to church growth or financial provision in ministry. Fasting generates the spiritual force required to drive a well defined vision or mandate.

Just before you engage in that next long fast:
1. Understand your mandate.
2. Be abreast with your vision.
3. Get a divine nod/direction/instruction.
4. Build mental capacity through reading.
5. Work on your emotional quotient.
6. Detox yourself of bitterness, jealousy and envy of other ministers and ministries.
7. Be content with what you have but not with where you are.
8. Joyfully celebrate and forcefully announce your current level as a testimony of God’s faithfulness.
9. Package yourself and where you are very well with what you have now.
10. Sow seeds of honour! Sow seeds of honour!! Sow seeds of honour!!! What did I say? Sow seeds of honour! Always sow seeds of honour! Joyfully and consistently sow seeds of honour! Never forget to sow seeds of honour! Hmmm! Let no devil manipulate you to refrain from always sowing seeds of honour! Having done all, continue to sow seeds of honour! This is one mystery your village demons and the territorial spirits of your locality are still searching for answers to.

Committed to your success.
See you next Monday!

Meanwhile, Owerri is calm and in God’s hand.


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