Your Pastor also Need Prayer and Strength!


Your pastors and ministers may have all the anointing to make things happen, but they also need all the prayers they can get to keep things happening.

Peter who Jesus called the rock of the church could not do anything when Herod captured him. With all his anointing, the Bible records that he was sleeping in the midst of prison guards when an angel came to save him. Sleeping in that kind of situation is a sign of weakness. He was the most anointed, but all his anointing could not deliver him from Herod.

If those believers did not gather to pray at Mary’s house, Peter would not have received that angelic intervention.

Some time ago my friend developed a mental challenge, and one of the things he said to me was that “the imaginations of his heart would come to pass”. And when I asked what was in his heart, he said “Jesus is Lord forever”. He had faith, and he is also heavily anointed, but it was obvious he needed strength to fight that battle.

The more we prayed for him, the better things became; but the more we looked at him, the worse he became. That was when it downed on me that our prayer was strengthening his spirit.

So don’t just receive those prophetic blessings from your pastor, take a minute to pray for more grace upon his life. Don’t just read this write-up and claim all the blessings, take a moment and pray for more grace upon my life. Pray for those people who add value to your life, because the devil is doing all he can to stop them from reaching you.

I listened to a recent teaching by the late Prophet TB Joshua, and I could only conclude that not all that was said or heard about him was true. It was deep, and only a Christian with a sense of responsibility will grasp what he preached.

We may not have agreed with all of his doctrines, but I agree that our challenges should draw us closer to God. And that’s what he preached in that sermon.

I may not have shared his videos on my page, but that’s because there’s time for everything under the sun.

Apostle Joshua Selman had an experience with a certain man of God whom everybody castigated. Trust me, it’s easy to ignore a person who nobody speaks good about. But not Apostle Selman, he decided to study about the man, and his study granted him access to a grace that he’d never forget in a hurry.

I wish I could talk about doctrines and why the need to establish them arose, but it won’t be in this post.

If we Christians will just gain maturity and take God’s word for what it says, then we may no longer need holy water and the likes. Unfortunately, most Christians want a physical substance to believe in – despite the heavy sermon preached by their pastor.

Faith is all the substance we need. Didn’t the Bible says, “faith is the substance of things hoped for…”? But no, believers need holy sand, holy oil, holy cream, holy perfume, and possibly holy face mask.

That’s why I don’t blame some of these men of God, they sometimes have to go extra miles to satisfy the cravings of their members.

Amazingly, Jesus also used substances like sand and his saliva to heal a blind man. He concluded that miracle in the pool called Siloam. So don’t blame men of God that carry their members to the stream for cleansing. Lol

It’s funny right? But this substance issue has been long, it didn’t start today. It’s just that it’s been greatly manipulated.

So there’s nothing wrong with giving your members water to drink, but make sure it’s guided by God himself and that they don’t idolize it. Make sure it points them back to Jesus.

Let me just stop there.

Rest on Prophet T.B Joshua.

May God give us understanding!

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  1. Thank You very much Sir, more grace Sir. Amen.

    Sir please who the Man Of God Everybody castigated but Apostle Joshua SELMAN Had a personal experiences with

    Please Shed light on this sir

    Thank you very much sir

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