The Baptizing Church Abuja, founded in 2005 by Pastor Dele Osunmakinde, was formally commissioned in 2007 by Pastor Tunde Bakare. It has since grown into a thriving New Testament Church in the centre of Nigeria’s Federal Capital, Abuja.

After a highly successful five year stint leading TBC Abuja, Pastor Dele Osunmakinde handed over leadership of the church to his long-time partner in ministry, Dr. Daniel Ufaruna, a medical doctor turned preacher with whom he founded the Church to go found a sister church, The equally thriving The Baptizing Church (TBC) Lagos.

The Baptizing Church Abuja is a non-denominational church under the leadership of Pastor Temitope Shaba, the Senior Pastor (whom Pastor Daniel Ufaruna handed over to after six years of pastoring the church) ably supported by six associate pastors with fatherly input from Pastor Dele Osunmakinde the Founding Pastor.

The Church is committed to raising a generation of believers who are in full identification with the Persons, purposes and missions of the Father, the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit and who use such identifications to influence people, Nations, institutions and systems.

Hence, it runs with a mandate to emphasize the provisions of the Father and the finished works of Christ and the present day ministry of the Spirit of God through the preaching and teaching of the Word of Faith on a highly consistent basis, making disciples and students of the Word out of everyone that comes in contact with it.

This they are committed to, till all come to the full recognition and comprehension of these things. We esteem very highly all that Christ accomplished for humanity in His death, burial and resurrection, and are persuaded and glad about these things.

They teach the things that have been freely given to them as free.

The Ministry strongly recognizes that faith is ours in Christ, hence all we are and we have in God, is by grace and sustained by the same.

SOURCE: The Baptizing Church Online

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