Day 5, Morning Session, DRC 2021
One of my classmates in the University, we were very close, close. He came to me one day and he said, “I want you to be my father in the Lord”;
I said to him: we are close, we are friends and let me take you…God has given me the privilege to know almost anybody who is up in Ministry here: Papa Oyedepo, Papa Adeboye, Bishop Abioye, just anyone of them you want to submit to, I will take you to anyone of them. I can assist you in any way, so you can feel free to submit to somebody you are comfortable with, that is much higher than me. You know what he told me.
He said: God saw them before he asked me to come to you.
God knew we were together, God knew we wore the same dress before He said I should come to you. It broke me down. I said, “you are welcome.” He went through our Bible School of Ministry, everything.
It didn’t drop him and my respect for him didn’t drop a dime, it went up. He can come to my house and sleep any day.
Value for the anointing, value for the anointed. If you are a Pastor, a member of Church, ensure that the value is heavy. Don’t get over familiar. Familiarity does not just bring contempt. Familiarity affects connectivity.
My wife is not familiar with me. At all!
Can you lay hands on me, the way you are seeing the Bible like this. After the Service yesterday, she laid down, flat on the bare floor, rolling on the ground.
I said: Why?
She said, “she doesn’t know how to express what is in her heart, for what she experienced in the Service.”
One day, she brings the children, “help me lay hand on all the children. The kind of heart God gave you, let Him give them.”
Do you understand what I am saying?
There are people that are over familiar with their husbands, wives, their members. Don’t do that. If God has given anybody oil, value that oil and that oil can flow in your direction.

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