In those days if you have such combination my eyes are on fire. “I said look at how you have destroyed your life in a hurry”. She cried and cried and cried and cried. “Will you give your life to Jesus? “Yes sir”. She went on her knees, she was led to Christ in tears. I remember her face till today.

For that lady it is as good as closed chapter of child bearing.
One day I was invited to the University and I saw her in the Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS) where I was preaching. She was there. Vibrant, rushed to me. I said “how are you? She said fine. “The preaching I gave to you, you took it serious?

She said “yes sir”. Keep it up.

One day at Area 1 Church I was welcoming newcomers and there she stood on the line. I didn’t know. She looked at me and said Pastor do you remember me?

Doctor do you remember me? I looked, she said “from Jos, University Teaching Hospital? “Oh yes I remember you”. She said “I’m in Law School now”. “Oh congratulations”. She said “I’m married now”. “Oh congratulations”. she said “I have a son now”. I said “wow”.

Service stopped. I said “see this woman, if she can give birth to a child anybody can give birth to a child”. For with God nothing shall be impossible.

  • I speak to somebody here tonight, everything the devil said is impossible in your life, I announce to you today, it is possible.
  • God is changing your life now.
    Shout the loudest Amen.
    Let’s quickly rush to it. How bad was the case of Ruth?

1- Ruth was an indigene of a cursed tribe. Not a tribe that witches cursed. A tribe under the curse of God. The tribe of Moab and the tribe of Amnon. Those two tribes were the product of incestuous relationship between Lot and his two daughters and God vowed, a Moabite, an Amnonite cannot enter the Tabernacle of the Lord.
Deuteronomy 23:3
They should not near. This is not the curse of a witch, this is not the curse of a wizard. This is a decree of the owner of the earth. If a witch curses you a pastor can break it, if God curses you… That is why I said if Ruth can experience the release of destiny and the restoration of destiny, anybody’s life can change.
At this point I’m not addressing everybody but there is a particular person here, after tonight, you will shock your family members.

  • You will shock your community.
  • Your generation will be shocked at what God will do in your life.
    If you believe that shout the loudest amen.
    2- Ruth was married into a family with a spell or curse of premature death. Apart from the fact that she herself carried the curse of God. She stepped into a family that had a curse.
    Father died, husband died, husband’s brother died. As if the males should not survive in that family. That devil is a bastard.
  • I announce to anyone here that is from any kind of family where they say male should not survive or female should not survive or premature death is in that family, today by the mantle of God upon my life I declare, it is broken.
    3- Ruth was a victim of a fruitless and barren marriage that lasted for ten years. The curse of God upon her life, curse on her husband’s family, curse on herself.
    4- Ruth was a victim of widowhood. There is a curse on your life, a curse on where you married to, there is barreness and then widowhood. Who marries you?

5- Ruth decided to relocate to the Land where she knew nobody. Now this relocation was based on her passion for God.

Not aimless relocation. Not I want to go to America,I want to go to UK. No no. Out of passion. Your marriage did not work, your husband died where you knew people. Now you’re changing to go to a place where nobody knows you, what is your future?

6- Ruth was a victim of parental poverty. It was scarcity that drove her husband’s family into a new land and the scarcity did not end because when they returned back to the land of Israel they needed to go and pick corn from fields to survive. She was gleaning. You know what gleaning means?

God made a law that in Israel poor people can enter farms, when harvesting grains, the ones that fall on the ground, they should be allowed to pick. That was how she was surviving.
Those are people that cannot go to the market to buy anything. Those are people that cannot have food to eat. Now if the farmer is wicked, the gleaner will not have anything to pick. That was why Boaz said to them please leave for her hand fulls on purpose. While you’re harvesting pour some grain on ground for her on purpose. Let her be able to carry something.

  • Hear me beloveth brothers and sisters, everything that is called a spell of scarcity, a spell poverty in this Destiny Recovery Convention, that spell is broken.
    Ruth was restored and that is where we’re going.

1- Passion for the God of Israel

. “Your God shall be my God”. It doesn’t matter what you have lost,if your love for God is not lost, your future remains intact.
Somebody lift up your right hand say Father my love for You cannot die.

2- Commitment and Loyalty in Relationship.

I wish there were many Ruths in this world. Ruth was a friendly friend.

Ruth was a friend indeed. You have people that you come across in life but you have very few people that are loyal. When you’re a friend indeed a major bulk of your destiny is covered because what you sow in life you’ll reap in time.

Many of us the only kind of people you have encountered in life are Judas Iscariot. People who will leave you in the middle of challenge.

  • May God give you a Ruth whether it’s a man Ruth or a woman Ruth.
  • May God make you a Ruth.
    For he that must have friends must show himself friendly
    Proverbs 18:24

It’s so shameful that friends betray friends. Business divides the relationship. All manner.
Somebody accompanies his friend to his fiancé’s place and the man takes over the girl. This is something that happened before my eyes. I saw it.

They are all alive today. Am I communicating?

God is a rewarder. God is monitoring behavior to discover your outcome. Your actions will determine your outcome in life.

One of those actions that determine a position of outcome is loyalty in relationship.

I was seated in a meeting one day at the back and some ushers came and said “there is a place for you in front”. My friend was seated behind me.

I said “what about him? They said “we have only one chair in front and that is why we asked you to come”.

So I said “I will be okay here with him. If there are two spaces fine but if there are none then I’ll be fine here”. After a while they were able to clear two spaces in front so they moved both of us and we both moved together in dignity. When we sat down, he turned to me and he said to me “you have touched me.

There is nothing you will do to me that I can’t forgive”.
The normal tendency of men is to be telling you that I’m more than you. Can you see it has been confirmed. People want to put others down. If we had just a fraction of Ruth in our world. There are so many in pains today.
Proverbs 17:17

3- Sensitivity to Divine Connection

Having an understanding and a sense of destiny connection. Understanding that God does not bring people together by chance. God does not bring people together for fun.

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