My name is Lawan Hassan. I want to thank God for what God did in my life. Last year October during the night vigil I came to the altar for Mama’s prayer concerning my marriage.

I saw myself, how God delivered me so I decided to come back in November. I was confronted with spirit husband for 19 years who came everyday and night to molest me.

As a result within those 19 years 15 suitors had asked for my hand in marriage and at the point of paying the bride price I will turn against them.

In that condition one night I saw the servant of God in a dream who walked up to me, pulled me up and told me the spirit husband molestation is over.

I came to Church the following week as God would have it, as the servant of God was walking in the aisle he brought me out and prayed for me. I fell under the anointing and I saw that giant man that used to molest me walk out of me.

Since that November 2020 I have not seen the man again. I am trusting God for my settlement and the Church is currently counseling us. I have come to give glory to God.


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