-Dr Pastor Paul Enenche

Topic: Restoring the priesthood of the home

The Bible makes it clear that the man is the priest of the house. Hebrews 3:1.

The direction of the man is the direction of the family. If the home must work, the man of the house must be the priest of the home. That is if the woman is doing what she should do.

There is no family that can function according to scriptural pattern until the priesthood is established.

What is the responsibility of the man as the priest of the house?

1. Setting the pace for the spirituality of the family.

The man must set the pace for the spirituality of the family as Jesus set the pace for the spirituality of the Church. Hebrews 12:1-2

If Jesus is the pacesetter of our spirituality, the man is the pacesetter of the spirituality of the home.

It becomes an abomination for the woman or the children to be the major drivers of spiritual fire in the house. It is an abomination, an upside-down operation, where the man is still sleeping when prayer is happening, when the woman is coming to Church and the man is angry that her coming to Church is too much.

I have come across redundant men who when you engage them they say oh no I am not the spiritual type, it is my wife that is the spiritual type.

That is a useless man, a misnomer of masculinity.

If Christ represents the man in relation to the Church, so spiritually is the man in relation to the family.

Man of the house, your wife should be able to bring any Scripture and say ‘Excuse me Sir, I was reading this Scripture, can you shed some light…

Spiritual authority is not imposed, it is earned, they can feel it, they can know it.

Every man here and watching online, I am here to ask you to rise up and take your position as the priest of the house.

Your faith in God should challenge your wife’s faith in God. Your faith in God should challenge your children’s faith in God.

2. Bringing the family before God at the place of prayer. That is a high spiritual duty. 1st Samuel 12:23.

Husband, what I mean is, your wife’s name is on your prayer schedule. The day you remember to pray for yourself, you remember to take your wife before God.

Genesis 25:21. Isaac entreated his wife before the Lord, he took the case of his wife’s barrenness before God until the Lord heard him. If I did not pray for my wife, it means that day I didn’t pray for myself.

As a priest, you present the people under your priesthood before your Maker.

That is, if she is not praying for herself, my prayer will sustain her.

You uphold the people under your priesthood especially if you have a future that is very significant.

Trust God for your wife’s potential to explode, you are not in competition. Everything God has put into her, let it be manifested. Let the children be arrows in the hands of the mighty God. They will not miss their target in career, they will not miss their target of who to marry. As the priest of the home, you target them in prayer.

3. Teaching and Instructing them in the way of the Lord. 1st Samuel 12:23, Genesis 18:18.

Very important. Yes you say I am the Pastor of the Church, when I preach in Church they hear but from time to time, it is necessary to have instructional sessions that are target specific.

Many years ago when we got married newly, when I got a book to read, I got the same copy for my wife, then I will read it first and mark my own copy…

I wanted us to be on the same page and my vision in ministry was that if I wasn’t there in terms of ministry, she could be there because she has a calling.

Not every Pastor’s wife has a calling or pulpit calling. She has that and so I wanted us to be on the same page and the children.

It is the priest’ duty to instruct and teach.

Someone said, you don’t blame them till you teach them. You are only permitted to blame those you’ve trained.

Yes, your wife is doing a great job, but no matter how good she is, she can’t be a father and no matter how good a father is, he can’t be a mother.

That is why God made father and mother. So those who are mother and mother trying to marry themselves are wasting their lives. Insanity.

Two men trying to marry each other is insanity. Some say they’d adopt. No don’t adopt, give birth to that child yourself. If that process is right, give birth to that child yourself. To show how insane that procedure is.

Some people wonder, why are you just talking to the men? Church Gist. I am talking to the men because everything rises and falls on leadership.

4. Blessing the family continually in the Name of the Lord. Numbers 6:23.
“The Lord bless you for being a good wife. Children you are blessed.”

It is the duty of the priest to bless. Many are using the mouth they should use to bless to curse their wives. “What a liability wife I married. Since I married you, what have you brought to my life?” And so the more they speak like that, the more redundant their wives become.

If you had cursed your wife or your children, go and reverse it. Your duty is to be a blesser. Keep blessing them and see how they will turn out.

One of my children asked, “do I have any gift?” I said, “you have, it is coming.”

That one who said, “do I have any gift?”, I can’t count the number of songs that have come through her.

Love your children, let them feel the warmth of a father. Love them and speak to them. Children need affirmation. If they don’t get it from the right source, they will get it from the wrong source. Your daughter needs masculine affirmation.

Your wife needs that affirmation too.

You cannot be close to God and not love people, beginning with the people in your life.

I heard from God servant Bishop Oyedepo, it doesn’t matter how far you have gone in the wrong direction. A U-turn is possible at any point.

It doesn’t matter, your children have known you as a bad father, give them the opportunity to see you as a good father.

There are those whose children are afraid of getting married because of what they’ve seen and gone through. If marriages don’t work in your family, you are the first person to make it work. If it is a generational curse, break it!

Wife, even though he is the priest of the house, help his priesthood, help his mind, help his vision, be a multiplier in his life and not a reducer. Fulfill your role. If a man fails, you are also responsible.

Create an atmosphere conducive enough for him. I believe that the Lord will help us in the name of Jesus Christ.

For every one here who is still single, if you’re a lady you will know the kind of husband that is your husband. In the midst of courtship you can see ten signs of who a real man should be.

The man is already insulting the hell out of you, you’re not yet married then you know you’re faced with a man that is not a priest.

In case you’re going to make any declaration into your future home you have points to make that declaration on. If you’re a single man, that wrong family you came out from is not an example. You know one of the greatest challenge is when people perpetuate the failures of their ancestors.

I know of a man. While I was still in medical school he was already a medical doctor. This man hated with passion the behavior of his father figure.

That father figure had many wives, was a drunkard. This man was a senior brother, an uncle but was the man who trained him in school.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when one day I travelled, full fledged medical doctor was staggering in alcohol.
Alcohol is not respecter of profession.
A medical surgeon.
I heard of an orthopedic doctor who drank and trekked home.


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