The Altar of Prayer – Dr Paul Enenche

-Dr Pastor Paul Enenche at Morning Dew(Early Will I Seek You Service) Day 2.

Luke 9:29-31
The Prayer Altar
The Prayer Altar is an altar where things are altered.
A place of spiritual transactions.
Where transactions happen in the realm of the Spirit.
Not ceremonial or religious altar.

What transactions take place at the prayer altar?

1. The Altar of Lives and Destiny Transformation.
The place where things, lives and destinies are changed.
We are here this morning for something to change.
At the Altar the life of Jabez changed
1 Chronicle 4:9-10
The life of Jacob changed
Genesis 32:24-32
The life of Jesus changed.
Luke 3:21
This morning something shall change/be altered in someone’s life.

2. The Altar of Instruction, Direction and Revelation for the fulfillment of divine purpose and destiny.
Instruction is the termination of frustration.
Peter was in total frustration until instruction and direction came.
Isaiah 60:1
Galatians 2:2
I went up by revelation.

What are we trusting God to do for us at this prayer altar this morning?

Someone will receive transformation this morning.
2 Samuel 22:25

Destiny delivering instructions come at the Prayer Altar.

What is the Key?
1. Total Focus
Genesis 22:34
Behave like you are alone with God.
God doesn’t touch the crowd. He touched individuals in the midst of the crowd.

2. Complete Desperation.
I won’t let you go until something changes.
Without any doubt something will happen.
When the student is ready, the teacher is ready.
Take your pen and paper and pray revelation expectant prayer.
Go ahead and appreciate God this morning.


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