Davido Gifts Kekwaaru Ngozi Mary $10,000 For Returning $70,000 To Customer


It is heartwarming and reassuring that despite the hardship in the country and the prevailing moral decadence in society, a staff of Eko Hotel and Suites, Kekwaaru Ngozi Mary, was reported to have returned a misplaced sum of $70,000 to a customer of the hotel in Lagos.


When will Nigeria start celebrating the likes of Miss Ngozi Mary for her honesty and integrity, Teacher Akeem Badru, for winning the 2023 Cambridge Dedicated Teacher Award, and many others like them?


These are the people who deserve to be given national honours and awards and recognition, instead of celebrating those who have impacted our nation negatively. In the New Nigeria that we desire, these are the kind of people that will be celebrated. A New Nigeria is POssible. -PO




Davido to donate $10k to hotel staff, Kekwaaru Ngozi Mary for returning misplaced $70,000 to a customer.


Find her for me … I donate $10k


This was the tweet from Davido, as the singer promised to reward her with $10,000 for her kindness and integrity displayed.

I believe with more of such people, Nigeria can be great again and the integrity and name of the country can be redeemed again.



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