20 Amazing facts to know about Sweden

Things I found out in Sweden.

• I paid commission to exchange my US dollars to Swedish krone! Foreign currency is actually not craved for here like we do in Africa

• Everyone is helpful, nice & kind. Can give up their food for you. Their social welfare system is the best in the world.

• It’s a totally cashless economy here. Yes, you actually dont need a paper money. Everything is digitalized including buying anything!

• Everyone works. The bills are crazy so any krones is needed. The Swedes are naturally, big, brawny, smart and strong. So working hard is never a problem.

* Work resumes by 10 am here due to weather changes. I mean formal jobs, not non skilled jobs.

• During summer, the sun doesn’t go down. Meaning, there’s no night. You can get sick due to body adopting these time changes. My first night i Stockholm, i slept around 1am without knowing its that late.

• Its really stable here. Count your self lucky like me if you have access to Sweden, it takes a lot to get their papers! Their paper can straighten out some shits in your life. I am a testimony.

• Stockholm is an idea City to raise up a child as everything is cool, lovely and good! World class primary & secondary schooling FREE.

• Crime rate is really low. Yahoo, fraud or other social vices can not work here. You will be caught easily as there are traits to everything you do

• Swedes are normally thieves, they are the original Vikings or sea faring thieves of past, so to curb that natural trait to steal, the government has done a lot to ensure everything can be tranced, this gave rise to a cashless, contactless economy that has proved to very efficient! In order words, it has made the Swedes to be law abiding because off what use is it to steal when you know you will be caught? Well, their prison is better than most average homes in Africa!

• Transportation is relatively fixed. For 3.9$ (39SEK) you can get a ride on the bullet train to anywhere in Stockholm for 75minutes. No other fee applies.

• Beside Rent, food, anyone can survive in Stockholm without much of a deal! With a Salary of $3000 per month, you’d live like a king! Especially if you work remotely!

• You don’t really need public transport/a car to move around city, except you are hopping from one island to another. A scooter or bicycle would be more helpful!

• Swedes are Innovative, they have customized bicycles to various roles in the house, or work.

• I prefer living in Stockholm than anywhere in USA or Canada.

• The gap between rich and poor is low compared to France or UK. Here the richest man might be that fellow riding an electric scooter, or drinking low beer with you in the pub.

• Most houses in Stockholm do not have physical keys… They use codes type into the door to open. So if you have no business there, you gat no reason

• Almost everyone drives a bicycle, or scooter to move from one place to another.

• Sweden is really expensive to live in, but has one of the highest quality of life you can imagine.

• Everyone drink tap water. It’s squeaky clean & safe. pH value is almost 7.0 on the dot!

• I met several Nigerians, most of them left Italy to reside here. They’re always preferred before other African nationalities.

• Nigerians here, as in Kigali keep the law.

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