The journey of Baba Olowere had many beautiful path full of services and honour.

I have seen many beautiful thing written about him, let me add this from Babajide school of prophets and Evangelists, Imo, Ilesha, Osun state.

In those days when the school had no graduation date was when Baba Olowere was with the great departed senior prophet Babajide.

The graduation date doesn’t come until the Holy Spirit spoke to Babajide, so the students remained.

If the Holyspirit was to speak to the student, it must be confirmed by other prophets, so it was pretty difficult for anyone to play pranks.

It could take upto 10years in the mid 1960 before anyone was allowed to go after enrolling in the school.

Your gifting didn’t matter as your character, premium emphasis was not on charisma but character development.

If you see the way Baba Olowere knelt to greet other ministers, it was how we were trained at the school of prophets.

All ministers in the school must honour others.

One thing you must know that those men in the school then were full of power, raw authority that is scarce today.

Baba Michael Olowere was one of the students that served Babajide in the house, from laundry to children care.

Let me tell you this, living with a pure stream prophet is difficult, every part of your life is under surveillance.

He knows when your heart is not right, when you’re beginning to shift ground and low on power.

One of the things Baba olowere did was to take Baba’s children to school everyday and bring them.

Couple this with the school schedules where they had to ask for the Holy Spirit for 3hrs everyday.

They observed daily fasting outside the monthly 7days dryfasting, daily vigil from 12am to 5am.

Babajide would send them out to minister where darkness had taken dominance.

One of the ways to prove that you’re trained under Babajide is to weed out darkness wherever you are sent.

One aspect that most students of Babajide will be mean to share with you is getting things done in prayers while many thought they’re disadvantaged by lack of education.

No matter the time Baba Babajide called Prophet Olowere, he was always available to serve.

Have you heard about the famous story of how the students hid yam in a place asking the great prophet to tell them what’s in it.

It happened during their time.

One thing in the life of Baba was his honour for everyone both young and old.

There was a story when some students wanted to leave because they don’t see the reasons to continue since they’re endowed with great power, they all met to approach Babajide.

Prophet Olowere told them he wouldn’t be part of such, he will not leave until Babajide prayed for him, that’s the exact thing he did.

He was a faithful steward to Babajide all through days of moving from one town to another for revivals and planting of churches.

The students were more like Jesus disciples, they were sent out without anything, the only proof that you’re genuinely trained is the outcome of the centre.

Like many students, Babajide gave him a token when he was leaving, it’s kingdom seed, they’re not spend it.

Back to the day I sat before him more than 15yrs ago, he said learning humility under Prophet Babajide remained the greatest investment anyone did in him..

He looked at me and said if you’re not humble forget that you have a ministry.

He said something in yoruba that I may not be able to interprete accurately.

He told me this, his greatest gift was prayers, yes prayers.

All you see in his life and many in their generation was the investment of faith they learnt in the school of God.

Faith is their greatest secret that they were willing to share with everyone.

Let me stop here, I shall continue with his exploits from ilesha, Akure and later the mighty work especially how he got to Ashi in Ibadan.

Hopefully I will share the story of the rivalry that was largely in the news among prophets in their generation but they never called themselves fake.

If they heard that one of them is moving in a dimension others will go into long retreat to experience the same.

They met to ask themselves questions.

The Monday automatic prayer meeting had many strange acts of God that shall wake many of us up from slumber of self delusion and deceipt.

Can you hold a leper just to get him healed?

The advantage of that generation had is faith.

AT Joel.

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