Dunamis Home Church: KNOW YOUR FRIEND

6.00pm– 7.00 pm Saturday 1st July, 2023.


The subject of friendship or company is important to life and destiny. This is because your friendship or company affects the direction of your life. Your friendship or company affects your mindset or thought process.

Your friendship affects your character and choices. Your friendship or company affects your outcome and your eternal destiny. So, in our study today, we shall be diagnosing who a friend is.


1. A friend is a companion who is at home in your company (Gen. 38:12).
2. A friend is someone who is as your own soul to you. You treat him as you will treat yourself (Deut. 13:6).
3. A friend is someone who is quick to arrive and surround you in seasons of adversity (Job 2:11-13).
4. A friend is one who makes your burden their burden, your concern is their concern, and your pain is their pain (Job 42:10, PS. 35:13-14).
5. A friend is one who may hurt you to save or deliver you. But your enemy may hail you to ruin you (Prov. 27:6).
C. COUNSEL: Friendship must be allowed to happen and not forced to happen.

D. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Your company determines your destiny. Friendship is not by force, it is by choice



1. Father, thank You for the privilege of seeing a brand-new month today. Thank You also for the multiplications and cell plantings of last month. To You alone be all the Glory, in Jesus’ Name – Psalms 118:24

2. Father, give us a visitation from heaven in this month of July that will lead to a massive harvest in the lives and destinies of the members of Your Church, Dunamis. Enrich Your people with the abundance from Your River, Lord, in Jesus’ Name. Ps. 65:9.

3. Father, we ask that You continually build Your Church-Dunamis in all realms and frustrate the agenda of hell against Your Church, Dunamis and her members in this seventh month of the year 2023, Lord, in Jesus’ Name (Lamentation 3:37, Matt. 16:18).

4. Father, we ask that You work in ways and manner beyond human comprehension to enforce Your plans and agenda for the destiny of Nigeria. Suspend every protocol for the sake of Your kingdom agenda for this Nation, in Jesus’ Name- Isaiah 55:8-9.

5. Father, in this seventh month, I connect with Your grace for rest. In this July, I receive total rest for my life, rest for my marriage, rest for my business, rest for my finances, rest for my health. Deliver me from the pressures, tensions and stress of life in this season O LORD, in Jesus’ Name- Exo. 20:11
6. Father, thank You for answers to our prayers. To You be all the Glory, in Jesus’ Name- Matt. 7:7.

Event Time Duration Coordinator
Welcome 2 mins 6:00PM -6:02PM
Opening Prayer 2mins 6:02PM -6:04PM
Praise & Worship 7mins 6:04PM -6:11PM
Testimonies 5 mins 6:11PM -6:16PM
Manual Study 15 mins 6:16PM -6:31PM
DHC Kingdom Advancement Prayers 15 mins 6:31PM -6:46PM
Prayer for needs 10mins 6:46PM -6:56PM
Announcement 2 mins 6:56PM -6:58PM
Closing prayers 2 mins 6:58PM – 7:00PM.

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