Did Mercy Chinwo Charged 18million Naira for Ministration?

“Last year March, they invited Mercy Chinwo, here in Yaounde. On the 5th of March. They agreed with her that they’ll give her 18 million and they called me on phone. I told them to give me 1.5 million.

They shouted oh …chai ! Elizabeth Tekeh don start know money. So Nigerians them way them collect 18 million no know money. Na my 1.5 way ya eye di fat for dey so” – Elizabeth Tekeh

Assuming you are a show organizer and a businessman who seeks to make profits and you have the following statistics .

Mercy Chinwo

384,950 Spotify monthly listeners

Featured on 17 Apple Music playlist in the past 1 month

50k followers on Deezer

6.6 million instagram views

500k TikTok Videos

YouTube 136 videos

Total YouTube views 67 million views

YouTube subscribers 503k

Earns $200k yearly from YouTube

Shazam 3.43 million

Topped 18 charts

Currently topping 2 charts

Elizabeth Tekeh

Spotify Monthly listeners 305

Apple Music playlist featured in = 0

Charts she topped = 0

Current playlist = 0

Total YouTube views = 2.5 million

YouTube subscribers = 18k

She earns = $3k from YouTube yearly .

If you have this statistics and you are inviting the two artistes for a show , how much will you pay each of them ?

Elizabeth Tekeh is a big name in CAMEROON and has been around for a long time .

Mercy is Global and has great impact everywhere . The numbers and Statistics are there . She can be paid this amount anywhere she goes .

Dear Cameroonians , everything is not always disrespect, crowed that Mercy can pull and tickets that she can sell , Elizabeth might not be able .

Show organizers do not do charity , they are out for money and they pay according to the population you can gather .
Everything is not disrespect, no one will pay you much money just because you are a Cameroonian, they’ll pay you huge cus of your value . If we keep seeking for pity and favours we might never get there .

These two are great Gospel ministers but their impact and value is different.We must always accept reality and work towards growing .

Waiting for those who will say ZAMANI is degrading his own .

Pic Crédit : Nexdime.

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