Get Fruit Packing Jobs in CANADA for Foreigners


Are you interested in fruit-picking and packing jobs in Canada for immigrants? If so, you’ve come to the right place for the latest information on the freshest fruit picker jobs in Canada. These jobs, such as apple picker and packer jobs, as well as strawberry picker and packer jobs, offer an enjoyable and modestly paying opportunity for foreigners.

As a fruit picker, you can expect to have various responsibilities, including picking fruits like strawberries, tomatoes, herbs, and even stones.

Many individuals from countries such as India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Nepal, Senegal, Nigeria, and others are actively involved in this line of work.

One notable advantage of fruit packing jobs in Canada is the opportunity to work in a familiar environment with fellow workers. Additionally, these jobs offer a fair amount of physical exertion and a modest level of hard work. It’s no wonder that many individuals who come to Canada for work purposes are always on the lookout for fruit picker positions.

While Canada has limited arable land suitable for farming, the government has implemented various plans to help farmers expand their operations. Agricultural practices like pig farming and cattle raising are also steadily growing. Wheat, canola, lentils, and fruits are extensively cultivated in the dry and cool lands of Canada.

Why are fruit-picking jobs in Canada so appealing?

Fruit-picking jobs are particularly popular among Indians, Pakistanis, and Filipinos and other foreigners because they provide a stable lifestyle for newcomers to Canada who are seeking employment. These jobs require little to no prior expertise, and the necessary skills can be acquired quickly, even by beginners. The pay is also relatively high, considering the level of physical labor involved, and there are consistent opportunities for advancement.

In 2023, fruit picker jobs in Canada will continue to be one of the best choices for those seeking employment in the country. Furthermore, Canada is becoming an increasingly advanced nation, and many native Canadians prefer not to work on farms or farmlands.

As a result, most jobs in Canadian farmlands are seasonal, and the demand for year-round workers has created a shortage of labor. Approximately 55,000 international workers have already contributed to the Canadian farming industry.

Requirements for Fruit Pickers in Canada

If you are interested in working as a fruit picker in Canada, you will be pleased to know that the job does not require an extensive range of skills. However, there are certain factors that you should consider if you wish to pursue employment in this field in Canada:

Language: Proficiency in English is essential.
Experience: While not mandatory, prior experience is preferred.
Education: High school diploma or equivalent is required.
Specific Skills: Ability to pack and load vegetables, handle crates, operate machinery.
Types of Fruits: Apple, berries, cherries, strawberries, tomatoes, herbs, citrus fruits, grapes.
Work Location: Most of the work will take place in rural areas of Canada.

As a fruit picker, you can expect to work long hours, but the job provides an opportunity for individuals with varying levels of experience. Fluency in English is crucial for effective communication in the workplace. While prior experience is not mandatory, having some experience in packing and loading produce can be advantageous. However, even if you are a beginner, you can still apply for these positions.

While the work may involve physical labor and long hours, fruit picking jobs provide an opportunity for individuals to earn a living and contribute to the agricultural industry in Canada. It is a rewarding experience that allows you to work in nature and be a part of the country’s vibrant farming community.

Fruit Picking Jobs In Canada

Here we’ve got really famous all the current and in addition newest openings of fruit picker jobs in Canada.

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Along with this listing, you get the enterprise you’ll actually be working for, their prime job space and in addition revenue (pay per hour).

As shown below; there are loads of probabilities obtainable for fruit picker duties in Canada.


Fruit Farm Worker and Picking Jobs in Canada for Freshers.

The annual incomes of farmers in Canada can vary based on factors such as weather conditions and other variables that impact agricultural production. Many farmers also have additional sources of income apart from farming.

Independent farmers should be provided with attractive benefits, including insurance coverage and retirement plans. Moreover, there are opportunities to find unskilled jobs in Canada for immigrants, including various positions available in the Job Bank related to fruit picking. One such example is the Fruit Farm Worker and Picking Jobs in Canada for Freshers.


Here is one of such;

Location: Wallaceburg, ON

Salary: $14.18 per hour


Education: No degree, certificate, or diploma required

Experience: No prior experience necessary

Types of Crops:

  • Apples
  • Cucumbers
  • Bell peppers
  • Soybeans
  • Strawberries
  • Tomatoes
  • Seed corn

Special Skills:

  • Planting, cultivating, and irrigating crops
  • Harvesting crops

Additional Special Skills – Field Crops:

  • Hand harvesting vegetables
  • Hoeing crops
  • Stone and/or wood picking

If you are interested in fruit picking jobs in Canada, this opportunity in Wallaceburg, Ontario, offers an entry-level position that does not require formal education or previous experience. The job involves working with a variety of crops, including apples, cucumbers, bell peppers, soybeans, strawberries, tomatoes, and seed corn. Special skills such as planting, cultivating, and irrigating crops, as well as harvesting, are necessary.

Specific skills related to field crops, such as hand harvesting vegetables and tasks like hoeing and stone/wood picking, may also be required.


Fruit picking jobs in Canada present a promising opportunity for foreigners looking to work in the country’s agricultural sector. These jobs, though requiring physical labor, offer several advantages for individuals seeking employment. The demand for fruit pickers stems from the need to fill labor shortages in Canadian farms, as many native Canadians prefer year-round employment.



One of the notable benefits of fruit picking jobs is the relatively low level of skills required, making them accessible to newcomers with minimal experience. While language proficiency in English is crucial for effective communication, prior expertise is not mandatory, making these positions suitable for beginners.

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