The Happie boys begins to make accusations on the G.O of OPM (Omega power ministries) being diabolical

😳 The Happie boys begins to make accusations on the General overseer of OPM (Omega power ministries) being diabolical.

On their latest post on Instagram, the boys has recounted the scholarship that Papa OPM gave another young man who builds transformers.

Recall that around August 2022 Apostle Chibuzor Chibueze (Papa OPM) gave full scholarship to a young man named Solomon Ukoha to study Electrical/ Electronics in Cyprus,

In the post shared by the G.O, which reads “At last, the young man from Aba that built a transformer is on his way to Cyprus to study under OPM University scholarship. His course of study is Electrical/Electronics engineering. This is after OPM found him selling provision with his mother on the streets of Lagos helplessly.

Today, Doctor Jesus has remembered the poor boy. TRUST GOD.
Fully funded through tithes and offerings in OPM Church”

After the scholarship, not much was heard about the young man.

Now the Happie boys in their latest post suggests that when the techy got to Cyprus things became worse, it got worse that the mother of the boy through various visits to prayer houses (different churches) was told to bring back the boy to Nigeria before he loses his dear son,

Happie boys likened the situation to theirs making declarations indirectly to the Pastor like; “You can never use our stars to ride private Jet” and they further cemented their claims thwarting scholarships from the Man of God by saying “Not all that Glitters is Gold”

Let’s hear them:

“Those making negative comments can never understand what we have seen. You contınue to send people on scholarshıps, Show the World the proof of those that have graduated from the schorlashıp and are doıng well for themselves, nobody can use Our stars to rıde prıvate jet and expect us to remaın quıet. You reason wıth your braın and stop beıng negatıve. Where ıs the transformer boy sponsored to Cyprus too. He has returned to Nıgerıa after he almost dıed here and hıs Mother went to a Prayer House where they told them to return the boy. Things Dey happen, WHO NO KNOW NO KNOW”

Do you think these guys won’t get themselves in bigger trouble?

~ Fidelis Ozuawala.

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