Major Reasons why Nollywood Actors and Actress Die suddenly

What I don’t want society to think is that there is a particular deity that is plugging Nollywood actors, one after the other.

That’s not true.

This is almost two decades in the film industry and having worked with the biggest names in the industry, I have seen very terrible things.


The night was made to rest after a long days work but in Nollywood, a lot of factors ranging from budgeting to greed are serious factors.

In Asaba, a director will film 100 scenes in 3 days, haba!!!!

An actor will film all through the night and instead of going to rest in the day, a producer will come to the set very early in the morning to hijack the actor to go finish his film.

Now you cannot also fault the producer for not being reasonable because many actors are very greedy. You collect money from 5 producers for a film scheduled to be shot in the same month, not minding that there could be unforseen circumstances in the course of the job.

When the time comes when the actor is needed, he or she will stop picking producers calls.

Some will result to drinking very hot drinks to stay awake and film not minding that the heart and the liver will suffer.

How can an actor who is paid 1.5million naira per a film, not have a BP machine to be checking his blood pressure.

What kind of carelessness is that?

Also you cannot keep actors on your set to film throughout the day and also think you will use them throughout the night.

If you must film at night, the right thing to do is stop shooting by 3pm, send everyone back to the hotel then resume at 8pm.

They would have gotten enough rest.

But some actors will go to the hotel, instead of resting, 4 intending actreses who want to become stars by all means will be in the hotel waiting to service the superstar.

4 girls at a time, as if the world is ending that same day.

We service our cars ones every month but some of us have not done a general body check up for the last 10years.

Anything you fail to service will naturally die,

God Never Forgets!

-Dr. Bakia T Thomas
Neighbourhood Child Foundation.

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