Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche on “KNOW YOUR WORK (ASSIGNMENT)” Power Communion (Midweek) Service Glory Dome, Abuja – Part D

In conclusion, what do you do to make the most of your work life so that your life is not wasted?

1. Ensure that you do what you are wired to do with your life Jeremiah 1:5.

Don’t struggle to be a Pastor if you’re not called to pastor and don’t let people call you. Because there are people that God called and there are people that people called. They say, “All your mates are Pastors now, you went to Bible School together”. Ensure that you do what you’re wired to do with your life. Even in the business realm, there is a business that may be your own.

Meanwhile, you are pouring your energy in a wrong business because your friend is succeeding there. Maybe, you are not called into politics. I met a man who was fully accomplished, had his money, had everything before he stepped into politics. And he spoke to me and he said, ‘I wished I never stepped in there’. You know? There are people that when they arrive a Nation they receive them like Presidents and they are not Presidents, they are stars in their field. Unfortunately in our Nation here, everybody thinks until you enter politics you are not anything.

Ensure that you do what you are wired to do with your life. Wrong engagement and assignment is signature for frustration in life. When you are wrongly engaged in the wrong assignment, you have signed for frustration. Ensure that you do what you are wired to do with your life.

2. Ensure that you do what you love and you love what you do
Do what you love, love what you do. You are going to work and you are not happy, something is wrong.

In Genesis 40:6-8, obviously, Joseph was enjoying his life as he interpreted the dreams. In 2 Chronicles 26:10, concerning King Uzziah, the Bible said he loved husbandry. Do what you love and love what you do.

3. Ensure that you work with singleness of focus and purpose per time Proverbs 4:25-28.

That with singleness of focus and purpose per time. This is what I mean, don’t be working in this place and all your attention is focused on another work you are looking for to the point where your input here is suffering. You are so distracted and you are saying, ‘No! I’m just managing here, I know this is not where I am meant to be, I’m just managing here’! You are doing disfavour to that assignment, to yourself and Jehovah is watching.

The law is: Anywhere you are, be there, for as long as you are there. Do you understand what I mean? Anywhere you are, be there! Don’t be there and here and there and here. Be there for as long as you are there, give everything you’ve got into what you are doing per time. It’s possible to be looking for another job, yes! It’s possible! But don’t let that destroy your focus, destroy your attention and destroy your input in the job that is paying your current salary. Selah! You may not hear this kind of thing in Church or in Churches plenty but this is raw Gospel.

4. Ensure that you give your task all you’ve got – Energy, ability, wisdom.
Give your task all you can – Energy, ability, wisdom Acts 20:20, Paul the Apostle said, ‘…I have kept back nothing’! Keep nothing back. 

Don’t hold your energy back, don’t hold your abilities back, don’t hold your wisdom back – Give it all it takes until it gives you all it contains.

5. Ensure that you give your task the very best
This is insisting on excellence, the very best!! I’m talking to somebody directly right now, let everything associated with you carry the signature of excellence. Everything! Somebody brought me a painting on Sunday, when I passed I didn’t recognize the painting until I looked closely, he painted my family and so on. And then, I recognized my wife’s face and I recognized Paul-Daniel’s face.

Okay! I can recognize this and this! Every other person looked a bit like themselves, I was the only one that was totally unrecognizable. And I told the young man and said… He said, ‘I came all the way from the East, I brought a painting’. And I said, ‘This does not look like me’! Now, normally, I would respect them small and I will say, ‘Okay! Collect the painting’! But that one I was very brutal, it doesn’t look like me. ‘No! In your eyes does this look like me’? In your own eyes not in another person’s eyes. What I do? (Laughing). What did I do? Hallelujah! Let it carry your signature of excellence.

The way human beings behave, you see? On Sunday I was driving back here to the office with some people, I saw cans of coke on the ground, people were around it. It didn’t bother anybody to pick it. You see? This, I had to stop the car, was almost coming out of the car to pick the can of coke in the compound here. And then, the people driving with me rushed to pick them up. This mediocrity, they carry it into everything, this dragginess of feet and careless attitude about everything is carried into work.

The way I do my things can be very strange at times. I was drinking the little five hundred milliliters of the table water and I have not finished it and the person coming to pack the plate, what is left inside is like this. And he came to carry it and I said, ‘Where is the water I was drinking’? He said, ‘I thought you have finished it’! I said, ‘No, there is still something left in it’! I said, ‘I have to finish it so I can account for the bottle’! It’s the same principle will drinking full cup! I said, ‘Well! I think it is the matter of the brain!

You gave me that plate of rice, if I’m eating the rice from this side, by the time I’m through here, you won’t find one grain on this side, the rest is here! It’s almost cut like surgery. One day, my wife came and snapped the balance of the food, she said, ‘You people come and see your father, see how he ate this rice, the balance is on this side, on this side it’s a straight line no grain is left’.

The other people, they may eat their own like where chicken … (Laughing). You know the way chicken scatters ground?

Am I communicating at all?

-I’m praying that God will give us that consciousness that things should be done well.

You don’t rush out of what you haven’t finished doing. At times, my wife is coming to me and I say, ‘Hold on! And then she reverses on the spot. Why? I say, a thought is flowing, right now I must pen down in a hurry, if you engage me now, it evaporates. ‘So, I’m sorry’!! And she reversed back.

What point are we making right here? Ensure that you give your task the very best. Insist! And whatever we are saying now does not claim that we are there yet because it’s a journey. Am I communicating at all? Nobody should misunderstand this, it’s a journey that is ongoing. In Proverb 4:18, Matthew 5:15, never allow mediocrity to be your identity.

6. Keep on learning
That is, you want to get the best out of your work life, keep on learning.

Keep on striving to do better, keep on learning better ways of doing things. Whatever you do, keep learning, keep improving Proverbs 4:18, Philippians 3:13.

7. Be open to feedback and appraisals
If you want to get the best out of your work life, be open to feedback and appraisals. Someone said that feedback is the breakfast of champions. Be open to feedbacks and appraisals. Most times when some people get feedbacks they become very angry, they think it’s a criticism. No! Be open to feedback and appraisals.

What are people saying about you? What are they saying about what you do? And I categorized it into three or four people you must get this feedback from:

1. Your clients, your customers, those you serve. What is their feedback? Don’t be angry when they say this or that! What is their feedback?  Are they saying your services are too expensive or you don’t have a human feelings or whatever?

2. Your subordinate: People working under you, they would have feedbacks for you.

And they may not say anything until you give them the license to do so, they may think you may take it personal if they say something.

3. Your superior officers or bosses
You know? In the book, ‘Career and workplace wisdom’, I gave a counsel that someone should just go to their boss and ask, ‘Boss, is there anything you want me to do that I’m not doing? Is there anything I’m doing that you don’t like me to do anymore? Is there something you want me to do differently?

One of our members here carried this book and is now a top star in her banking institution.

One lady in America, New York heard that and went to her boss in the office and she said, ‘I came to ask you some questions Sir’! ‘Is there anything I’m doing you don’t want me to do’?

Is there anything you want me to do that I’m not doing? Is there something that you want me to do differently? I just want to make the work easy for you! She said that to her boss and the boss said, ‘Oh! I wish it was another employee that was asking me this question’! There is nothing I want you to do you are not doing, there is nothing you are doing I don’t want you to do and there is nothing I want you to do more, just keep on doing the way you are doing. If it was this other person now, I would have known what to answer them. That earned her promotion, earned her shifts! So you must be open to this kind of feedbacks from clients, from subordinates, from superior officers.

4. From your colleagues
People you work together with. They may see things you are not seeing.

I have said many times, no matter how wise a person is, you cannot see the back of your head. Somebody needs to see it for you. There are people who see things you cannot see per time. Hallelujah!

5. Feedback from society, the people at large, general people. What do they say? And by the time you get feedbacks, you are qualified to be a champion.

Conclusion, rise and work knowledgeably and no force on hell can stop your shining and your glory. Arise! Shine! For your light is come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.



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