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The Loran Scholarship

In collaboration with 25 Canadian universities, the Loran Scholars Program is dedicated to nurturing Canada’s future by providing the nation’s most extensive and substantial four-year undergraduate award to promising young Canadians based on their academic excellence, character, service, and leadership potential.

When choosing the upcoming cohort of Canadian leaders, qualities such as integrity, bravery, empathy, perseverance, and a strong sense of personal independence are considered as markers of their overall potential.

Scholarship Applicant Criteria

To qualify for this scholarship, candidates must meet the following criteria:

1. Currently be in the last year of continuous full-time high school education.

2. Demonstrate a minimum cumulative average of 85%.

3. Possess Canadian citizenship or hold permanent resident status.

4. Have reached a minimum age of 16 by September 1st of the subsequent year.

Value of Scholarship

Each Loran Award, which can be renewed for a maximum of four years and has a total worth of $100,000, encompasses the following components:

a). An annual grant of $10,000.

b). A corresponding tuition exemption from one of our 25 affiliated universities.


c). Personal guidance from a prominent Canadian figure.

d). Membership in our network and the opportunity to secure up to $10,000 in funding for summer work engagements in three distinct fields.

e). An orientation expedition across Algonquin Park.

f). Yearly retreats and gatherings for scholars.

Scholarship Application Guide

The application process for the Loran Award offers two options: Sponsored applications and Direct Pool applications. Here’s how they work:

a. Sponsored applications require nominees to be put forward by their respective schools.

b. Direct applications allow applicants to apply directly to Loran without the need for school nomination.


Application Update

October 2023.

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