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– Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche on “LIFTING THE LIMITATIONS OF THE MIND” Midweek Service Glory Dome, Abuja – Part A.

Before we celebrate God into a new month, I’m speaking very quickly on the subject, “Lifting the Limitations of the Mind”. 2 Corinthians 10:3-6.

We have three objectives tonight:

1. To understand the effect of the limitations of the mind. When the mind is limited, there are effects of it.
2. Understanding the source of the limitations of the mind.

Where do we get limited from in our minds?
3. Understanding the cure for the limitations of the mind.

Why are we dealing with this subject? Because existence at the top is our place in our discussion the whole of this month and one of the greatest limitations for the top is the mind. 

The mind plays a very critical role in the lives and destinies of people. It plays very critical role in limiting the destinies of people. I’m sure you have heard the story of the circus elephant.

That elephant that was caught and had rope tied to the leg and then made to move in a circus and everytime it wants to go forward, the rope pulls it back. After a while, they removed the rope from the leg and the elephant does not move beyond that circle anymore because in its mind, it’s not supposed to move beyond that circle. 

The rope left the leg and it’s transferred to the brain. It’s not physically limited anymore, it’s mentally limited.

There are many people today who have limitations that are not physical but mental. 

I believe that this month is not complete until we deal with the forces that hinder our rise to the top and the major force there is the force of the mind. That is why we are dealing with this subject.

There are four things that we need to know:
1. Life and destiny are processed out of the heart or mind. Proverbs 4:23. 

That is, life and destiny literally issue out of the heart.

2. The reality of the mind becomes the reality of life. Proverbs 23:7. I have many ways to say it and I would like you to note all of them. It also means that mentality places a limit on destiny. That is, the limit of the mind is the limit of destiny.

3. The captivity of the mind is the captivity of destiny. 2 Corinthians 10:5. The captivity of the mind is the captivity of life and destiny. Whatever captures the mind has captured life and destiny. Another way to say it is, strongholds of the mind become the strongholds of life and destiny. Whatever holds your mind strong has held your destiny strong.

4. Life is upgraded when the mind is renovated. Romans 12:1-2. The renewal of the mind is the transformation of life.  If your life is not transformed, it means your mind is not renewed.

Do we have examples in Scripture where people’s lives and destinies were limited because of their mind? Yes. I will give you four examples.

1. The children of Israel and the report of the spies. Numbers 13:33. Numbers 14:1. They got a limitation because ten people painted a picture of captivity.

All those congregation that wept and cried died in the wilderness. Only Caleb and Joshua entered the Promised Land. They were limited, not by the devil but by their minds.

They couldn’t enter their destiny because of the limitation of the mind.
– I prophesy to you, you will enter your destiny!
– I prophesy to our Nation, Nigeria; Nigeria would enter her destiny!
– your family would enter into your destiny!

2. Philip and multiplication of the bread. John 6:5-7. I’ll like you to see two mentalities. Jesus is saying, “where can we buy bread?” Philip is saying, “do you have enough money?” That is the meaning of the question.

So, mentality is the real determinant of destiny. You don’t have a problem until your mind says you have it. If you say you can, you’re right; if you say you can’t, you’re also right. Proverbs 23:7. Jesus is thinking of where to get the bread, Philip is thinking of where to get the money.  And for Jesus, both the money and the bread are available anytime He wants and actually He could get the bread without using the money and He got that.
– look at your neighbor, say, “change your mind so you can change your life.

Don’t consult your situation to determine your destination. Decide your destination first, then rearrange your situation”.

“Where is the money to build this place?” was not the first thing that came to mind. “What do we need?” A covered mega stadium that can accommodate tens of thousands of people. 

That was the first thing in the mind. The vision came first, then the provision later. There are those who are struggling for provision first before thinking the vision.
– it’s changing today! If you believe that, shout the loudest Amen.


This is why I like God and this is why I like Church because whatever happens around in the society, there is life in Church, there is joy in Church, there is hope in Church and there is excitement in Church.

Is there anybody with hope here tonight? Is there anybody with joy here tonight? Is there anybody with excitement here tonight? Shout the loudest Amen!

What is the cure for the limitations of the mind?
1.  Renew the mind continually with the Word of God Romans 12:1-2.
Renew your mind continually with the Word of God. Just keep on washing your mind.

This kind of Message is good for the mind, this type: ‘The existence at the top’. Keep on washing your mind with those Messages that deal with mediocrity and inferiority.

2.  Allow the Holy Spirit to uncover the possibilities of your destiny to your mind.
Allow the Holy Spirit, walk with the Holy Spirit and pray in the Spirit. Allow the Holy Spirit to uncover for you the possibilities of your destiny to you 1 Corinthians 2:9. 

There are many many things that are possible for your life. It is the Holy Ghost that will show you – As you pray in the Spirit, He unveils.

3.  Keep company with positive, high flying and high-thinking people 1 Corinthians 15:33.
Communicating with the wrong people will change your behaviour negatively Proverbs 13:20. Don’t hate people but avoid anyone whose presence in your life pulls you down, avoid them.

Don’t communicate to them that you hate them, just avoid them. And if you need to persistently pursue the right company, pursue it. And a man that has friends must show himself to be friendly.

4.  Reject negative enemy’s pictures and suggestions by the Word 2 Corinthians 10:3-5
Reject them! See yourself where God sees you. Whether the devil is showing you a bad dream of where you are riding bicycle, tell the devil, ‘It is you and your generation that are on the bicycle’! Stop putting me on a bicycle (Long John)!! – Riding and climbing a hill. When last did you see me in the physical riding such a bicycle? You are giving me what I am not doing in the physical, it is you and your generation, your fathers – All of you, ride the bicycle’! Driving a car, Peugeot, the type that does not exist anymore – Satan, where did you see this car now? 

Old coin they have stopped printing, the coin, the one that has hole inside, you see yourself carrying it in the dream. Say, ‘Devil, it is you that will have this generational poverty’!

The devil is very very excited with people who are patient with him. He’s not a gentleman, you don’t deal with him gently, talk to him angrily – ‘Get out! Thou art an offence unto me’!

That was how Jesus talked to the devil.

In fact, He was talking to Peter who was possessed with satan,

‘Get thee behind me, satan for you savourest not the things that are of God but the things that are of flesh’!

That’s how to behave.

Am I communicating at all? Refuse to be patient with anything the devil is giving you. There are times you wake up in the night with a sufficient dose of anger, deal with that devil and go back to sleep. One day I dreamt a dream and then I woke up and dealt with the devil angrily and said, ‘If you are a devil enough, return the dream’! If he’s powerful, he could have returned the dream, isn’t it?

-In the Name that is above every name, everyone that is a victim of negative satanic suggestions, I declare, it is over!

5.  Finally, always see and place yourself where God sees and placed you 1 Peter 2:9.
You are a royalty, you are a queen! One day, my wife and I went somewhere for a service, so the person who was attending to me saw how she followed me and helped me to sit down and those kinds of things. Said, you know what? ‘I’m going to treat you like a queen because your wife treats you like that’! (Laughing).

But I’m not a queen, he doesn’t know the difference, it’s limited English. The Bible says, ‘You are a royal priesthood, you are royalty’! Do royalty appear like this?

One day, I cut one of the clothes my wife likes a lot, she used to wear it at home. I cut it! I said, ‘If I catch this dress next time, I will either burn it, bury it or do something to it if I catch the clothes’!

The moment we come home, she will just hang the clothes. There are some clothes that look like hanger. One woman told me here that every woman has that clothes. Who told you that there are such clothes where you totally abandon yourself? Only potatoes have the right to wear some clothes even at home!

Many of you, your husband is working in the office where the Secretary is well polished – Polished body, polished face and she’s just dangling herself in front of him like carrots.

‘Can I have a glass of tea there’? Yes Sir! And she dangles to him! And the man finishes seeing that thing in the office and he’s returning home to rest, only to see Madam in hanger.

The worst of it is that on top of the hanger, there is this shower cap that enters the head. All those things need to be burnt or buried. I think I have arrested one of your clothes before, even Deborah, I have arrested one of her clothes before.

Praise the Lord! Life is practical, not mystical, you can make life easy for yourself. 

There is a man who gave his wife instructions, he said that before he wakes up in the morning, the woman must be totally dressed and sharply polished. That is the first thing he should meet on waking up, that is so that he can calm his head down and look straight!

I’m sure many of you have seen some of those dresses before, you can’t tell whether it’s a T-Shirt or a gown. And then the other one is the wrapper (Laughing).

Declarations: You are royalty! Behave like royalty! Everywhere you are, you are royalty!

Now, I want us to celebrate two things:
Number one thing to celebrate is your royalty! Celebrate the blasting off of every wrong mentality. And celebrate the fact that God has a place for you at the top. The second thing to celebrate is that the path of the Just is a shining light that shines more and more until the perfect day.

-June must be better than May, we are crossing over from May into June. It is more and more until the perfect day. When men say there is a casting down, you shall be saying, ‘There is a lifting up’!


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