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Dr. Becky Paul-Enenche on “DOMINATING THROUGH STABLE MARITAL AND FAMILY LIFE2023 Destiny Recovery Convention Glory Dome, Abuja || Part B.

8. For the production of godly seed Malachi 2:15. 

Again we had already declared that marriage is for multiplication.

-And I announce to you that your multiplication is established in the Name of Jesus!
-And everyone here with your children, your children shall be godly, they shall be godly examples, they shall succeed and they shall never be a victim of the victims of the spirit of this age in the Name of Jesus Christ.

9. For the remnant of the residue of the Spirit
Your union is meant to represent the mystery between Christ and the Church. That was our marriage motto: Ephesians 5:32. On our wedding card we wrote that our marriage shall be like the relationship between Christ and the Church and that is what marriage is supposed to be.

Christ is the husband of the Church and your home is meant to be a representation of the mystery between Christ and the Church.

And finally, let me quickly look at the practical things to how to have a successful home. It will never be exhaustive but just a few points. What are the keys?
1. Understanding
Let me tell you something, if you are casual about your marriage, you will end up as a casualty. You need to be very very determined – Your mind made up that this is for life and you must succeed, I must get it right and I must be who I am meant to be and my spouse must be who he or she is meant to be. 

Let’s look at that passage that we read for instance in Malachi 2:15, the word ‘Treacherously’ refers to deceptively, cunningness, unfaithfulness, hiding things, acting like you are together with your husband or wife but you are with somebody else both in the Spirit and physical interaction Malachi 2:16-17.

Let me give you the scenario, at this point in the Old Testament, the men were dealing treacherously with their wives and then they were struggling, their businesses were not working, including their farm produce. They kept coming to God and asking, ‘Oh! God! What is happening? And God said, ‘Why are you wearying me with your asking? This is happening because of your dealing treacherously with the wives of your youth! 

Can I give you a practical illustration in our contemporary days, I have mentioned it once or twice in the Bible School – Let’s take a man, let’s say, Baba Chukwudi! The young man finishes Secondary School and while in Secondary School he met this young girl, they were both in Senior Secondary School and they got married.

After Secondary School, he got a job with the Local Government and started working as a Clerk in the Local Government Office. And then Baba Chukwudi said to Mama Chukwudi “You know what? Let me be doing evening classes and let me get an Ordinary National Diploma (OND) so that they can promote me in the office instead of just being a Clerk and then you will start a business”. 

Maybe she started selling Akara and fried yams and some petty trading at the corner of the road. As she was doing that, the man got his OND and went ahead to get his Higher National Diploma (HND) from a Polytechnics and then they promoted him to a Senior Staff in the Local Government. And then, they say in the State Government, ‘We are looking for a very good staff’!

And they recommended Baba Chukwudi and he ended up in the State Government. Remember, all these seven to ten years, Mama Chukwudi has been frying yams and Akara. The man is still looking good, the woman from the constant helping of herself with the yam, rice and carbohydrates and delivering maybe three, six, seven and nine children have become diametrically expanded letter ‘O’, like a sack of potato.

Picture a sack of potatoes, you know there are these bulging parts here and there. So he now gets to the State Capital, yeah they are still okay so he travels with Mama Chukwudi and all the six to ten children and he works so hard – You remember that he is a very hardworking man.

And maybe he now gets to become the Secretary of the Commissioner or a Permanent Secretary and suddenly turns around and looks at Mama Chukwudi and said in his heart, ‘The Commissioner just invited me for a dinner today but I cannot carry Mama Chukwudi, she doesn’t fit the picture or the bill, she is not up to standard’! Okay yeah! What about my Secretary? Hello, Secretary, meet me at the Government House, we have dinner’!

From dinner to Government House, Secretarial work or whatever, the story changes, he kicks out Mama Chukwudi saying, ‘She’s not good enough for me again!

I want you to think about if you have ever heard such a story -The highest point that Baba Chukwudi was is the highest point he will remain. That Evolution 505, that Mercedes Flat boot that he is driving, from that point on, he never goes up. Have you ever seen such cases? It’s real life oo.

And so that was what was happening in Israel and the men were coming and saying, ‘God! Why have you forsaken us? Why have I not changed my car from this Mercedes Flat boot. Everybody has now moved to V-boot, X-class, M-class and G-Wagon, how come I’m still like this? The Bible said, ‘Because you have dealt treacherously’!

-The Lord shall give us victory in the Name of Jesus!

What’s the key here? As you are growing up Sir, please carry your wife along. When you go for your OND, let her get her OND as you are starting your HND.

As you are moving up, let her get hers. It’s not a competition, you are just making sure that she is at a level that is commensurate with you.

It’s your responsibility Sir, when she has delivered child number one, child number two and number three and she’s beginning to look like a round ball, help her let you and her go out jogging because I hope that you are the cause of why she is looking like that!

Of course, if you married your wife round and flourishing, that’s the way you like it, no problem! And you are sure that’s not going to distract you but if you married her as a ‘Lengelengecious’ girl and you are imagining that person, please try and re-enact that person.

-God is going to give somebody that victory today in the mighty Name of Jesus!

Carry her along! Show her the road! Some years ago, during that time of giving birth to children, I was quite round. God’s Servant my husband used to tell me, ‘I’m your ‘Take away Master’! What does that mean? When the food was too heaped on the plate, he would help me to pull the plate away. 

It wasn’t funny, ‘Oh! My food’! He will say, ‘No! I’m your ‘Take away Master! You shouldn’t have more than what you’ve had already. It helped me, help me thank him because there is nothing that you will do, that he will add weight! And so if I’m not careful, I will start looking like his grandmother and that’s not going to be funny at all.

-Be a helper to your companion in the Name of Jesus Christ.

2. Be a Support System
Be the person that your wife can run to, be a support system to each other, be a person that your wife can run to, be the person that your husband can run to, be the person that can be there when there is a need. Be the person that your spouse can open up to and tell when they have challenges.

You remember God’s Servant has told the story several times before, when we first came into town.

I worked for about a year and half in a hospital in town, running into Church and then doing what I needed to do until I moved in fully into the Fulltime work. And one of the days, I went to the office, there was this colleague of mine always looking for my trouble -Very rude and very antagonistic!

Now, actually I can’t even remember what he did or said but I started crying, so I got into the car and drove back to where Pastor was and I was crying and he said, ‘Who made my wife cry? Who is it? I don’t make my wife cry, who is that person?

So in between the sobs by this time the cry was not too much again, and I explained to him. And he said, ‘Come! Enter the car’! And he drove like Jehu. He just walked up to the guy, looked him in the eyes and just gave him a stern warning, I can’t remember what he told him. And he went straight to the owner of the hospital and told him something.

Two weeks later, the guy was sacked. This one was a Spiritual instant action unction! Can I ask you a question? Can your wife run to you if someone looks for her trouble in the office? Think about it! Or you are joining hands with people to harass her? Maybe, you are the major harassment! Be the person that your companion can run to, be the support system for your partner in life and destiny!

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Dominating via Stable Marital and Family Life – Dr Paul Enenche


Dominating via Stable Marital and Family Life – Dr Mrs Becky Enenche


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