Nollywood actress Funke Akindele embarrassed for her failed Political Career

Nollywood actress Funke Akindele has given a befitting response to a blocked fan who cried out on social media about the actress’ political life.

A tweep identified as Mharbar of Lagos, took to the microblogging platform, Twitter, to rant about the actress blocking him despite being a die hard fan.

The tweep noted that Funke Akindele blocked him because he did not support the actress’ political career and supported a rival party.

One Mharbar of Lagos tweeted, “I’ve always been a fan,and I still love you so much Hanty Funke.
Please,do try and unblock me on IG.
If I support your entertainment career,it’s not compulsory for us to both have a common political interest. I supported jide during the election,and that shouldn’

Be a problem. My reply to your page wasn’t derogatory at you in anyway. You just felt I must support your political affiliation because I’m your fan. It sometimes doesn’t work that way.
I love you so much ma,and I miss your posts on IG.
I’ld be glad if this tweet is acknowledged”

Funke Akindele responded to the tweet by disclosing why she blocked him. The mother of two claimed she only blocked netizens who pass negativity and insults on her comment section, stating it is not compulsory for them to agree politically.

She further appreciates her fans for their support while letting them know that she is not familiar with the user that was blocked.

Funke Akindele tweeted, “How will I feel so? It’s not a personal thing. I don’t even know your handle. I only block negativity and insults. Once again, we don’t have to agree politically. I appreciate all my fans.”

Funke Akindele breaks Nigerian records again

Olofofo of Africa recalls that Funke Akindele broke another record in the Nigerian film industry. She beat her own records for the highest-grossing film at the Nigeria box office.

A post shared by Film One revealed that Funke Akindele’s latest movie, Battle on Buka Street, broke the record of her 2020 released film, Omo Ghetto The Saga.

Battle on Buka Street netted 640 million naira at the box office, beating Omo Ghetto the Saga of 636 million naira.

Filmone on Instagram noted that the only competition the actress had was with herself.

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