Aproko Doctor returned to Church after years of been away

“I stayed away from Church for many years, but I’m back to Church now”
-Aproko Doctor

I stayed away from church for many years because of many personal reasons. Those who knew me then knew me as Pstr Bobby. 😇

But I was hurt and disillusioned and hated it because it was getting difficult to find my way back For years, I just focused on the “hustle” but I had this void. This emptiness I couldn’t place a finger on.

Unfortunately, when I needed love, it was missing. So, while I didn’t become “antichurch,” I just relegated it to the back-burner.

Then I met @MojiDelanoBlog , we had been friends for a while, but more like acquitances.

It was when I was down with that brain tumor that I saw another side of Moji, deeply spiritual and loving,

The conversation about spirituality came up and I learnt how to pray afresh

But this time, not from a place of fear but one of love and the knowledge that God was not using the situation to teach me a lesson.

I wanted to know what she knew, and I got invited to @thelogicchurch. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

I’m laughing because it seemed all I knew about Christ was tainted I’ve never been more happier and more confident about God. I don dey miss since! So God is sweet like this!

No weight hanging on my shoulders, no cloud

There’s a new pump in my step, I wish that for everybody to find that missing link in their lives. To fill that void.

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