Alyne Tamir former divorcee breaks up with Nas Daily “Nuseir Yassin”

Alyne Tamir (33 years) a former divorcee breaks up with Nas Daily (31 years) “Nuseir Yassin” over lack of attention in their relationship.

Their 6years old relationship went crashing and finally came to an end on April 9th, 2023.

In the video shared across their social media platforms, Alyne who met Nas Daily in 2016 after coming out of a Divorce, says she barely had enough time with Nas Daily, even though she had travelled together with him to over 70 countries and in India and Paupa Guinea they even did a Fake wedding together.

She says, Nas Daily was supposed to make her a priority over making of videos even though both were mostly on every trip together since 6years ago, she said she felt she was just floating in the relationship and seriously needs to break up so she could make herself her own priority, since she had made Nas Daily a priority but he isn’t making her a priority.

We wish them well, once again, I tell you dear kings, find a way to be with a lady that would compare you to her exes, or her past relationships or want to get everything other ladies gets in a relationship. We know relationships should be enjoyed together, but there are many scenarios everyone is expected to endure a phase, it’s just a phase and that one too shall past.

In the words of AllaKaduna Nzeogwu, an Agboma is an Agboma and you can never take that away from her.

~ Fidelis.

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