This is just a tip of the iceberg that the current DSI participants will be getting, and you don’t wanna know what has been cooked for them.

I’ve been in business for close to a decade, and I can tell you for free that nothing gives you joy than seeing your small business scale.

Omo, that business that was just an idea in your head, even the idea suffered from plenty of analysis paralysis, but seeing it flourish today can leave you in tears of joy.

If anyone had told me that Nellies would be where it is today, I would believe oo, but I would have small doubts in my left mind.

But here we are today, having our products in over 20 stores, and my service based business isn’t slacking at all. Omo, thank God for systems and structures.

One secret that has helped me build my business is that I knew when to scale, how to scale, and staying scalable.

So today, I would give you a sneak peek into How You Can Scale Your Small Business For Dominance.

1. Dominate Social Media:

I don’t understand the threat that FG is giving to Uncle Mark, but I know it will end in PRAISE.

The easiest way to take your small business from where it is now to where you’ve dreamed of is to pick a platform that has your customers.

Do all you can, humanly and divinely possible to dominate that platform. Because when you do ehh, you would be packing money like mad.

Don’t take my word for it, just look at my brand, and my friends, the reason why we make more than the average business owner is because we have dominated social media.

2. Trigger The Customer Influencers:

Your customers are the best marketers of your products, they are the ones with the golden mic to preach about your business in the nooks and crannies of the earth.

People might not listen to you because they know you want to sell, but they know customers are speaking from a place of experience with you.

So do all you can to make your customers happy, if you can achieve this, you would have foot soldiers that would sell your business for FREE.

3. Collaborate With Other SMEs:

Are there experts or businesses you can partner with to reach new people? Omo, when I started out I was an expert in collaboration.

I needed to scale badly, but didn’t have the funds to push my stuff, collaboration worked like magic for me.

This can help you sell more with less marketing budgets.

4. Automation is your friend:

We’ve been talking about AI since its inception. Don’t be an onlooker and allow your business to suffer because you don’t have a relationship with AI.

If you make ‘AI’ your friend it will allow you to focus on the imperative aspect of your business.

5. Create A Promotional Offer:

The whole essence of scaling is to make more ‘ego’ and ‘owo’, so this is one way you can make more money for yourself.

Create a crazy offer, and market the living daylight out of it.

Chioma said during her session in the DSI convention, “if you can go mad with marketing, you will make mad money.”

This is a good place to go mad with your marketing.

It will surely end in PRAISE my dear.

Naijabrandchick is rooting for you.

Thank you

Nelly Agbogu

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