The Enigma; ArchBishop Benson Idahosa – Bishop wale Oke encounter with Idahosa

I have told stories of my encounters with The ArchBishop countless times, but this weekend was different and special in many ways.

I was in Benin City preaching for Mama @margaretidahosa, at the iconic Faith Miracle Centre; home to a Pentecostal movement that changed the face of Christianity in Nigeria and resonated globally.

No better moment to tell the story of my first encounter with the ArchBishop and how it changed my life forever.

We once again thank GOD for the exceedingly impactful life of ArchBishop Benson Idahosa.

Papa your legacy lives on.

#IdahosaLegacy #100MillionSoulsForChrist
Cc Church Of God Mission Int’l Family

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