Should celebrity Price Goods before Buying at Shopping mall?

Today, I walked into a clothing shop to get some items and I saw a Nollywood actor,

Because of what I am going to say, I won’t be mentioning the name of this actor.

When I walked in, he was seated, negotiating prices of socks and other items, I didn’t want to act like I know him just yet so he could be comfortable while negotiating.

As I was getting my own items, some ladies walked in, started taking photos with him and exchanging pleasantries,

Shortly, the actor paid and left, so did the ladies just that they didn’t buy anything afterwards.

I had only exchange just pleasantries and wasn’t dressed to take photos hence I skipped that.

Immediately everyone left, the store owner said to me;

“Abegi, leave that man, his money don finish, see as he dey price dey price for small thing when he come buy”

I said ah! Then, We laughed it off,

In my mind, I was like..


So someone should come to your shop and buy items worth 1 million before you know he is a customer?

Or the family man should exhaust his life savings at your shop for you to be happy?

Within me, I started reassessing my patronage with the shop owner, like, someone shouldn’t bargain prices again?

Mind you,

This actor is one of the lead actors at Isakaba movie of 2001, he has also starred in some many movies and gotten several lead roles, he even has a name coined out from one of those movies— I will conceal this too,

He lives comfortably with his family OUTSIDE Nigeria like his family base Abroad (at least from posts he shares on Instagram), he comes around once in a while,

I felt some type of way when the shop owner said what he said,

See eehnn, The system is really somehow, people just be expecting to put other people under undue pressure because of some wack standards they have set for them!

And this is true even for most vendors and shop owners, they don’t want people to bargain with them once the people are deemed rich or popular,

They have set a particular standard for them and these rubbish standards is why many celebrities chose to use personal shoppers to get all they want.

Let’s do better abeg!

One day, I will share a story of how I was bargaining at a shop in Wuse the other day, unknown to me, the manager knew me from Facebook 😂

~ Fidelis.

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