My Inbox Story: A Young Wife Narrates

Let’s analyze this story, combine all case scenario and you’ll hear my own take.

“My Inbox Story: A Young Wife Narrates

Maazi good morning, please help me post and hid my 🆔

My marriage is barely 2wks, it happens that am staying in the same state with my mom, she got information that her cassava farm got burnt and she urgently needed to uproot them and do garri

He called my husband and explained things to him and told him to release me so I could help her feed her birds and also help in the shop so that she could travel to the village

He agreed, only for him to call me and asked my whereabouts and I told him that I dey my mom shop and he flared up and I asked him if it wasn’t the initial agreement, he told me that my mom only told him that I was going to feed the birds and not sleeping over, I later called him yesterday and begged him and promised him that I will be coming back that yesterday and he said that I should leave it on Friday ( in anger I told him that I will be coming back on Friday cos he slept out on the Valentine’s Day)

Maazi, yesterday I went back to husband house and knocked for more than 30mins and gave him up to 10 miss calls he didn’t pick and didn’t open the door

I went back to my mom house and my mom was very angry that even after taking permission he still refuse to open, my mum now called my MIL and she called him and he no still pick.

Reaching this morning , my mom told me that I should never step my foot in his house again that if I tries it she will disown me that even if she dies that I shouldn’t come otherwise he will rise up from the dead and strike .

I know that by now he has gone to work and I have spare key

Bikonu, my credentials are in his house should I just go there and carry my important documents or carry those things that my mom brought from the village or both cos that yesterday I left those things at his door and jakpa
Or should I just chatter keke and go there and carry my belongings once
What do you advice?

Chai, this my story Don too long but am almost finishing.

But does it mean that my mom has no right again to send me message
It was just one night I pass in our house oooo”

—— ———-

Some women are saying: The husband slept out on Valentine’s Day and the Mother has every right to call the child to do whatsoever she wishes and since the woman (mother) already took permission from the husband the daughter is free to leave and return whenever she likes. Their final take is that the wife should leave the marriage and go back home to the mother.


My Take: Go back to your husband, use all your feminine might to make him understand what transpired and get back together in peace, two weeks is too short to be making considerations of termination in a marriage especially in this kind of scenario.

Reason for my take: Let’s be open minded here. 👇

1. What if they were somewhere far in Canada? Would the mother had called the Child to come and feed the birds and then sleep over?

2. What was his reason for sleeping out on Val’s day? Was it work, or she was just assuming?

Assumptions is a keeler in a relationship, it quickly replaces communication.

3. If the husband were to be your brother, would you be okay allowing his newly wedded wife to leave him throughout the night to go feed birds? I mean birds not as if someone dyed.

4. What if the wife is just revenging for him sleeping out on Val’s day.

5. Do you know interference from parents can quickly break any marriage? Especially when the wife or the husband doesn’t have their stand?

6. Would you rather she goes back to the street or she submits, gets her fact right, communicate with the man and sort all these once and for all?

Who has keeping malice helped?

7. If the wife had called to check up on the husband (if he had eaten or how he was faring) it would have made him know that she was gonna sleep over, right?.

I drew my conclusion from all these coupled with the fact that we haven’t heard from the man,

who knows?? the woman might just be the one wrong.

For me, I try my possible best to sort all issues within the very immediate husband and wife, anything farther than that people may begin to take sides.

And for those saying she should go back to the mother (street) and nullify the marriage,

would you want your brothers to take her in now?

One thing I detest is seeing feminists argue in marital issues, their stance are always to revenge on a man or prove a certain point to a man — sometimes wisdom is profitable to direct.

~ Fidelis.

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