The Profound benefits of Living a Life of Integrity

Still very much proud of myself!

Many years ago after I completed my NYSC. One of our family friend was urged to help me out with a job. He was a well known man in the city. So, we were certain about his ability, because he trades with big men.

Following, he called me one morning to meet him at his office, which I did. I got there, I met two other men together with him. He told me to wait while they bring their meeting to an end. So I went back to the reception.

Then, he called me hurriedly after putting a call through to the receptionist. He requested i get him a car spare part. He sent me with the look of “I have no idea of the price.”

He gave me excess cash, with the instruction that any amount I get to price it, I should buy. He told me to take his car.

He suggested an area where I could find it to make it easier. And since I had no other place in mind, I went to the area he had mentioned.

Having gotten to the location, I checked about 4 different shops. I noticed the price was with a difference of hundreds. But the lowest of the price was 12,000naira. I was given 45,000naira. I bought the item.

On my way back. I started feeling uneasy. I began to envisage on the remaining cash.

I began to give it a thought to make up a higher price. I percolated on making it over 30k. I thought again about making it just 22k; after all, I was still going to tender back a lot of cash.

I was really broke during that period which made it a very tough test. I thought of several urgent needs that the money would be able to solve.

Then It came to my mind that
“The blessing of God makes rich, without adding any sorrow..”

I couldn’t pray about what choice to make.
But Firmly, I took my stand never to make a different price.

I returned to his office and gave him the cash left.

He asked about how I had gone pricing and buying which I narrated exactly how I had gone to several shops to make sure the price wasn’t outrageous.

And just like a movie, he together with those men stood up to shook my hand.

Reluctantly, I reached for their hands as I was surprised with no idea of what was going on.

Those men in there, were there to experience my final test before my appointment for a post is given.

They were manager and director of a private company.

They needed a purchasing officer fitting to handle both big and little ‘purchases’ in their establishment.

Where I had gone to buy, they’ve access to their mobile contacts. All the shops that sells car parts in that area were owned by just one person which happens to be their friend. It was just a call to confirm how much I had paid.

They were happy while I was still shocked with the question in my mind that what if…

I felt goosebumps all over me. I was indeed proud of myself. And that was how I got the job.

Sometimes, being sincere isn’t for the good of others but for your breakthrough.

Oluwanishola Akeju.

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