3 Profitable Youtube channel niche you can start


3 profitable youtube channel niche you can run and how to avoid copyright strike.

1. Movie review
2. Sport highlights
3. News channel

2. Sport highlights is also a profitable niche.just the same format I posted yesterday about movie review.

Look for a channel that post videos of matches without logos, pick scenes from it, you can pick from 2 different videos from different channels.

Go to google and search for article highlights of the video. E.g

Manchester vs Arsenal 3-0 match highlights.

Then you select one of the blog and copy the articles.

Head over to flicky.ai or murph.ai create a voice over, then add voice to the video you created.

You can be posting
1. pre match Analysis,
2. Post match highlights,
3. Match highlights

To make it in this niche, you have to be quick in posting match highlights as soon as the matches finish playing.

You can do text to video and mix with images, if you do it well, you will get many views.

You can do text to video mixed with images or mixed with video clips.

This way, you can hardly get a strike especially when you use the YouTube fair usage disclaimer.

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