Preparing for Life after School (5 Steps for Fresh Graduates)

Did you just finish your Education? And now you are done with NYSC?

You are just about to go into Life in full time, and face the reality of Life, Workplace,  Labour Market and co?0

It is not always easy to conjoin as a Graduate, there are few wisdom and direction that you need to perfectly relate with this new environment, and that is what I will be sharing In this Article, majority of Young People tend to view Life from their School and Academic environment perspective but its way beyond that; many Students aren’t able to really chase after their dream, due to the fact that they were offered something to study in School, and not what they really want to study for instance, something is passionate about Food and Catering, but was offered Admission into Nursing, these two category are highly contradicting to one another, thus, it might bring some forms of confusion, and this is very Common in Nigeria, but now that you are done with your School, what next?


What is expected of you?


How do you go about Life and maximize Destiny?

Knowledge is Power, and Knowledge brings Light, the Information you are about to access in this article will bring Light on your way which will be a major eye opener for you in Life and Destiny.

Am Sure These Few Steps Below will go a Long Way to Help You Discover Yourself and Maximize your Life and Potentials as a Fresh Graduate;


  1. Purpose Discovery: This is the First Lane, this is the starting Point, you need to have Purpose Discovery in Place first, before any other thing, I am used to telling people, if you don’t have a direction, in Life, People will give you one, either right or Wrong! So in order to maximize your Life and Existence, you need to discover Purpose, You need to know why you are here, you need to understand your role and assignment on the Earth so that you will successfully fit into it, and accomplish it, it has been established over time that, when you are not in your field, the best of you remains hidden, so for you to maximize your Potentials, you need to figure out your area of specialization, it might not necessarily be what you studied in School, but that is where your Exploits lies, For Instance: Bill Gates left School to make research and discovery into Computer, Technology, Coding and that is what brought about Microsoft today; which is a major part of the commercial industry, organizations, technology and many industries today. So to live a Fulfilled you must press for Purpose Discovery, and this is enhanced, by Reading Books, you need to know more than just your academic books, you need to know more about various issues of interest to you, especially in the areas where you are Passionate about, that is what sets you apart and makes you a Giant and topnotch to your World.  Knowledge is a virtue of Great Value, and Ignorance is the fastest way to go down, increase your knowledge in the areas of specialization and skills, most  of times, if you pay a close attention to yourself, Purpose Discovery is not difficult, as you get to understand that, they are things that you’ve been used to doing over long, your Purpose isn’t going to in the area where you are a novice to, No! You’ll realize that, it’s in the area, where You are already acquainted with.
  2. God-Factor : This is not an Option, it is a Necessity! If you ever want to be Successful in Life, You need to embrace and take seriously the God-Factor, Nobody rise to become a Star without the God Factor! You need to know the Lord, The Bible says, ‘As the Deer, Panteth after the water, so my soul longeth after Thee..’ So you need a heart for God and for his Kingdom if you must amount to anything, for the Bible says, ‘ Seek ye first, The Kingdom of God and his Righteousness and every other thing, shall be added to you, – Matthew 6:33. Until you are an addicted Lover of God, you are not ready to rise unto your enthronement in Life, Lovers of God are always Rising! You are bound to Rise, if you have a Genuine Heart for God, that reminds the Story of a lady who was an NYSC member, she repainted her Church with the ‘NYSC allowance’, she was been paid from the government, after two years, God has blessed her, increase her, she own a company and employ more than 20 Staffs, this is how it roles, when you are walking in God, he is a covenant keeping God, the Bible says, My Covenant shall I not break, he says, Ye shall Serve the Lord thy God, he shall bless your Bread and Water, and take Sickness far away from you, this is the promise of God, it is true, it stands, his words are ye and amen! If you don’t have JESUS in this age and time you will suffer severe operation from the hand of the devil, you need to have this understanding early. Darkness is fast covering the Earth, you need to be with God’ to secure yourself and your life, it is in God that your safety is Guaranteed! The Bible says ‘ The Fear of God is the Beginning of Wisdom’  If you fear God, it will show in the way you are living your Life, you will not embezzle money, you will not take what doesn’t belong to you, you will not lie, you will not steal nor kill, you will not plot evil against others, it takes a heart for God for you to ride upon your High Places.
  3. Don’t let your Past Determine your Future : Some of you might have had some negative experience during Undergraduate days, however, this is not the end of your life, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, you may suffer all through your stay in school, you may be struggling, get humiliated, get discouraged, perhaps nothing is working for you, but somehow you pulled through, you don’t have to keep the memory of the Past on your front page, you need to delete it and set your eyes above, be optimistic and stay positive, as God as put in stock for you, great treasures, Great Substance and a Glorious Future. You might have engaged in some ungodly practices and now you are saved, God has forgiven you, you also need to forgive yourself, so that you can move on and begin to make notable Progress.  Keeping the memory of your Past in your mind is robbing yourself of the Glorious future that is just right ahead of you, and this can be catastrophe, For Example: Some Student never had good grades in their Courses while on Campus and this as plant in their mind, a ‘Failure Mentality’ so often times, they look at themselves and consider themselves a failure, and this is not True! There are not Dummies anywhere, it is only possible that you have not discover your area of gifting and potentials, Imagine someone good in Arts and Drawing, is now studying Medicine, there are tendencies he would keep failing and failing until he makes a trackback to the area of his Gifting, and that takes us back to the Point 1, “Purpose Discovery”.  As a Fresh Graduate preparing for Life After School, you must get rid of every form of Negativity and Past experiences you might have had in the Past, for you to be able to forge ahead and make Progress.
  4. Embrace Quality Reading Lifestyle: It pains me, when I see young people, watching Movie till 3am in the Midnight, but they have never read one book that is life transforming, either a spiritual book, intellectual book or any book that can inform and transform them with quality information and research discoveries, this is a poor habit Successful and Great people are made out of certain experiences and Habits that they have cultivated as a culture over the years. You need to check your Life and change the way you are living, especially if you discover that the current pattern is not helping you to maximize your Life and Potentials in Full, this is very essential. Most Students read Academic Books prior to examination in order to pass, but they don’t have a healthy Reading Lifestyle, and this is just too wrong! Academic Books will inform you, but Spiritual and Intellectual Books will transform you, there are various information of high value, that you need as you progress in Life and Destiny, the funny saying goes thus, ‘If you want to hide something from a Black Man, put it in a Book’, because he might never ever read it! You know too little, and the cure is reading! Keep reading, get to know what has happened before you were born, this will go a long way to help you live right and get to know the opportunities that are available to you, In any field of Endeavor, the Topnotch, most impactful and most significant ones are always the knowledgeable ones, there is something they know that their contemporary don’t know that makes them outstanding!
  5. Discover Problems in the Society and Solve Them: I am used to saying this ‘ When You Graduate from the University, the first people will ask is not your grade or First Class higher of lower stuffs, that is by-gone, what matters now is, ‘ So So So are the problems that have been on ground, which of them can you solve’? This is the Question that Humanity will table before you, as you journey through Life in Practical Terms, so you need to think Problems and Solutions. That is the Way to Go! This is how people stand out in their generation, Great People don’t run away from Problems, they actually sit down and solve them, by finding viable solutions to them. I remember in 2012, these 3 guys who just finish NYSC gathered themselves together, came up with an idea and they began to cultivate the alluvial soil by the sea shore in Lagos State, they had the best vegetable growing right there by the river side, since the soil was fertilize and rich in Nutrient, in a very short time, they began to have massive patronage from people and were making Good Money on Daily Basis, in a short while, they became very Rich. Also the Story of, Nigerian Number 1 Job Hunting Site is also a pointer to what can be achieved by discovering Problems and solving them, This Young Man as been a web design and a Graphics Designer right from his Undergraduate days, and when he graduated, he had two other friends, coming together, making 3 of them, came up with an Idea of an Online Platform that can help Nigerian Youths go about getting Job offers faster after graduating from School, and it wasn’t easy from the beginning, but ultimately with time, they had progress record and increase results folks began to secure Job offers from their website and fortunately, someone from the United State, saw what these guys are doing via Linkedin and was impressed with the way they are putting an end to the problem of Job and Unemployment in Nigeria, from there, they partnered with them, by giving a sum of $1 Million to empower them, and that was how they landed into fortune and their website today is the number in Nigeria, this is the power of Ideas, be Open to your society, your country, discover the prevailing Problems and come up with Viable Solutions.

I pray for every Undergraduate and Graduate reading this Article, that God will empower you by his SPIRIT with Grace and Wisdom to make the full proof of your Destiny and Dreams in JESUS name.

I believe you have gained insight from this Write-up?

Kindly share it with friends and let them get Bless too, if you have any Question, you can drop them as comment below.

Written by – Akanni Tolulope Matthew’.


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