Top 10 major Christian footballers in the World

This article comprises of list of top 10 Christian footballers in the world. Not all successful Christian footballers were listed and not all committed Christian footballers were listed.
The parameter is the successful footballers who are equally committed to the Christian faith.
10. Edison Cavani – Forward, Uruguay
Edison is a striker from Uruguay who has decided not to hide his Christian faith. He has embraced the Christian faith for many years and also came to join the group of professional athletes in all discipline who shares the same love and zeal for Christ and recognize him as Lord and savior of their lives.
In the official site of the athletes of Christ, it’s explained that these athletes have the responsibility to live a Christian life to the unanimous will of God in the world of sport “
9. Javier Hernandez – Forward, Mexico
Javier the 24year old Mexican has made it his pre match routine to always kneel halfway line with his palms outstretched.
He has scored goals many times and could be tagged a born goal scorer but scoring goals is not the only thing he loves to do. He loves to pray also. He prays before the start of every match  by kneeling at the center circle. “I like to ask God to take care of me, because he gave me the opportunity to play” he said.
“I talk to God and I tell him to take care of the health of both teams because the worst thing for a sportsman are injuries and there are a lot of accidents on the pitch that nobody wants”.
8. Thiago Silva – Defender, Brazil
Thiago lives in Paris and plays for the French champions, Paris Saint Germaine. He was born to a very poor family that lived near a dangerous shantytown in the city of Rio de Janeiro.
A report made by Globo TV Channel, the largest TV station in Brazil, revealed that Thiego’s mother, Angela, already had two children – a boy and a girl – when she became pregnant with Thiago.  She was convinced she couldn’t afford to raise another child, and despite feeling terrible pain at the thought of aborting her baby, she was convinced she had no other option.“I was sitting on my father’s lap and I cried a lot.
I didn’t want to have an abortion but I couldn’t bear another child,” she said. But her father adviced her against abortion and it has payed off today. He has won many prizes, including being named as one of the top 11 players in Europe for three consecutive years, and all these was as a result of the respect his mother and grandfather had for his God-given right to live.
7. Neymar – Forward, Brazil
He believes all religions should be treated with respect,  and whenever he is asked which European soccer club he would most like to play for, he responded: I do not have any preference – the decision belongs to God.
The most assertive display of his faith was after his late goal that sealed Barcelona’s champions league win against Juventus earlier this year, he tied across his forehead a headband that read:
100% Jesus!
6. Wayne Rooney – Forward, England
He is a Catholic, he attended a Catholic school and in those days he prayed for his club to win majorly. And even as am adult now he still takes his Christian faith seriously.
He said, I pray to God, of course. I believe in God. . . . I don’t pray to help me score goals. I pray for the health of me and everyone on the pitch. It is something I have always done. I pray at night. I pray for my family and friends and for the health of everyone I love.
During the 2010 World Cup, a reporter asked him a question about the rosary that he wore around his neck during practice, and the footballer said, “It’s my religion.” But then an official stepped in and told Rooney to stop discussing the topic, saying, “We don’t do religion. He is not so forthcoming about his faith but it is speculated that this is due to his brand managers having him cut down on his professions as it may not be very good for business
5. Ronaldo – Forward, Brazil (Retired)
He was born in Brazil and dropped out from school at a very tender age to pursue his career in sports.
Initially he signed to the Brazil national team, but has also played for several European teams. He was named FIFA player of the year three times, he secured and injury in the 1998 world cup and returned to his winning team Brazil for the 2002 world cup.
His estimated net worth is $150 million, people who watched him in those days would still refer to him as the best soccer player of his time. He was previously married to another Brazilian soccer player, and has 4 children.
4. Daniel Sturridge – Forward, England
He revealed that he reads his Bible every morning, and this habit was cultivated from childhood, when it was enforced that they read their bible every Sunday, That was important for me growing up. It’s part of my routine and I do it every day.
Although his parents are not ardent church goers but they pray alot. He said he owes his success to his parents and still joins them every Sunday for dinner, with his brother and sister, he said It’s amazing to still have my family together as a unit and I’m grateful to God for that.
Wayne Rooney has often said that even though both he and Sturridge are both clearly believers, its not not as easy for him to publicly flaunt his faith as it is for Danny. It is still quite unclear why as he did not give further insight into the matter.Daniel Sturridge is currently going through a very rough patch right now with injuries blighting his season, but we are hopeful all will be well soon.
3. Cristiano Ronaldo – Forward, Portugal
Ronaldo is a Catholic. At times, he considers himself highly religious, saying things like: I collect crucifix ­necklaces – it’s because of my relationship with God. I always had a gift. I was shown the skills and I am a fantastic footballer but I do believe God gave me the gift. Other times, he’s admits he’s not the most religious football player, saying: I am religious, in my own way, but not as much as Kaká for example.
So marginally religious at least, I suppose.
Ronaldo has no tattoos on his body because once you get one, you won’t be able to donate blood for six months – a humanitarian practice he is constantly involved in.
2. David Luiz – Defender, Brazil
He plays for French football club Paris Saint-German and serves as vice-captain for the Brazil national team, he is an ex defender for Chelsea. He vowed to abstain from sex until after he’s married to his girlfriend Sara Madeira, according to The Telegraph in an Instagram post last week which included a picture from his recent baptism. He also included a verse from 1 Corinthians in his post. “Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old things have passed away.
Behold, all things have become new,” He also added
“How wonderful to live with you Lord, thank you for loving me so much and [taking] care of me! My life is yours, and I am your servant! What’re [sic] always in the center of all my decisions. I love my God! Amen!” ”The Christian football player is linked to the Atletas de Cristo (Athletes of Christ) which is a nonprofit organization comprised of sportsmen and was started in Brazil back in 1984.
1. Kaka
Kaka said his favorite book is the Bible and his favorite music is gospel, his life revolves around God.
It all started after a near-paralyzing swimming pool accident, from which he made a full recovery. Ever since the incident, he has fully given his life to God.
As a young man.
Kaká raises his eyes and hands to thank God after every goal, and he thanks God for his talents, regularly saying things like:The Bible says God can give you more than you even ask for and that is what has happened in my life.6Perhaps his most famous statement was when his team, AC Milan, won a championship game and Kaká tore off his soccer jersey to reveal a t-shirt that read: “I Belong to Jesus.”7He can be more eloquent than that and as an Evangelical Christian, he feels the need to convert non-followers.
He once said: To those who already have Jesus: you have made the best choice and are in the best team. Go ahead. Do not give up. The fight is great, but we can only win being on Jesus’ side. To those who have not yet surrendered their lives to Jesus: What are you doing being outside of this team?! Come to learn the Word of God, come to know who God really is. He met his wife in Brazil in 2002 and got married in ,2005 and according to him, both of them were virgins on their wedding day.

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