How a young man missed the opportunity of becoming great in life- Dr Paul Enenche

Nobody ends in life where they ended by accident.
###The youth age is the age to sow, plant ; age to sow the right seed, sow the right thoughts, sow the right actions. It’s seed time, it’s sowing time.
The youthful age is the time to sow, while the old age is the time to harvest. If you don’t sow in the days of your youth, you won’t have what to harvest in the days of old age. Any adult who is living in regrets has wasted the youthful age by not sowing the right seed. Input in youth age determines the outcome of old age.
I told you I fasted for 3 days dry for the first time at the age of 11 in the year of 1979. At that time, I remember a young man who was with us in the same camp meeting like this. We used a Secondary School, Wesley High School in Oturkpo, in Benue State. In those days, if you fasted, you broke the fast exactly 12 midnight on the third day.
There was this young man who wasted that fasting, if you ask him the first day, how was the fast he would says I forgot I ate. Same thing happened on the second and third day, that is how he wasted the fast.
I heard that at a point, this young man could lay hands on somebody, and the person will vibrate on the bed of sickness and the power will lift him and land him on the floor. He had such power at an early stage of life but couldn’t maintain it.
This young guy is not even in the faith at all today, he is not at all. He has Children from different women. Input in youth age is what determines the outcome of old age. People may laugh at you now for doing the right thing, but don’t be intimidated, the people laughing at you will soon come back to look at you in amazement.
Youth age is the age of sowing. The question to ask is, what are you sowing right now
### Youth age is vision age
It is at this age you see the future. You dream about what you want the future to look like. Everyone sleeps but not everyone dreams. Joseph maximized that age.
Genesis 37:5-7.
Joel 2:28.
The age of youth is the age of vision. Where you are permitted to travel on the wings of your imagination into distant manifestation that looks too impossible to be true. Visions in youth age is what determines the manifestations in old age. For anything to come, you must see it coming.
The things that don’t cross your mind, they will never cross your life. If they cross your life, they can’t stay. Because whatever arrives by chance disappears by chance. If it arrives to stay, it must arrive by vision. That’s why those who inherited their fathers wealth in most cases lose them cheaply because they don’t know how to maintain it. It came cheaply to them and so they lose it cheaply.
Vision in young age determines reality in old age.
The question is, what is in your mind?
What is your obsession?
Where do you see your life heading?
What do you see yourself becoming?
The youth age is the age of vision. But hear this now, those who have no dreams or vision in youth age will have nightmares in old age.
If you don’t know where you are going, you won’t like where you will end. If you lack definition, you will lack destination.
Divine action is impossible without human vision. Genesis 13:15.
God is saying, if you can’t see it, I can’t give it.
Ephesians 3:20.
Please move about with a loaded mind.
Nothing can be glorious until someone is serious
### The youth age is responsibility age
The youth age is the time to take responsibility, it is the time when you have energy.
The youth who fails to accept responsibility, will end as the elder who dies as a liability.

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