‘I was swallowed whole by a whale’ – Diver shares terrifying encounter

‘I was swallowed whole by a whale’ Everything went black and I thought I’d die’- Diver shares terrifying encounter

Michael Packard, 56, a lobster diver who was swallowed whole by the gigantic creature (whale) last year in Provincetown, Massachusetts shared his terrifying experience, he admitted that he thought he would die. He returned to work three weeks after the jaw dropping ordeal. He said it was his usual practice to go out by sunrise
In a new interview, Michael spoke of being hit by what felt like a “freight train” while on his third dive of the day, saying: “It was just a normal day for me. I go out right at sunrise. I get in the water and I did two dives.
“And water was just rushing, rushing around me, and black, and I could feel pressure on my whole body. And I was just moving through the water like wicked fast. And I’m like ‘what the fuck’.
I was swallowed whole by a whale – everything went black and I thought I'd  die' - Daily Star
The diver survived with some bruises and ligaments damage. He said he knew “instantly” that he was in a whale and not a shark and thought: “This is it. This is how you die. “And I was 100% sure that… I wouldn’t get out of this situation. It was a done deal, and I thought about my kids, and my wife.” He escaped with ligament damage to his knee and bruising. Although this is not the first near death experience he has had, recounting a plane crash he had experienced two decades prior.
Michael said the experience was “more haunting, because this was so quick… the plane crash, I sat in the jungle for three days… punctured lung and four broken ribs, 180 stitches in my head, cut Achilles.”

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