7 Benefits and Economic Value of Noiler Birds


7 characteristics that makes Noiler chicken profitable to rear

A new breed of chicken that is disease resistant, has a high feed conversion rate, low mortality rate and is 5 times better than our local broiler and 3 times bigger has been developed. This is a good choice for farmers who wants to rear birds.
With the large population of Nigerians, the demand for animal protein has been on the increase thereby making Agriculture and poultry especially to be a fast growing business. Unfortunately, not many people have seen the opportunities in this sector, and some are scared of theft, diseases, lack of fund etc while some others feels white collar job is better thereby leaving foreigners to control of our agricultural sector. Birds are kept for two purposes; meat and egg, and the return from broiler and cockerel cannot be compared to Noiler in terms of time of production.
Noiler chicken
Noiler chicken was developed in Nigeria by Amo farm sierberer hatchery. A similar chicken called kuroiler was developed in India and has already been introduced in Uganda and the famers there are rejoicing because of the massive yield which translates to more money.
Raising Noiler birds is much cheaper than raising other birds, and with the high demand of animal protein, there is more profit from raising Noiler. Pork tops the number of consumed animal protein globally but it has been predicted by FAO that chicken will overthrow pork by 2020. That means poultry cost is lower and demographic interest seems to fuel the huge demand.
With the ever increasing population in Nigeria, there is the need to fast track the poultry production especially meat and egg in order to meet the increasing demand.
There is the need for low cost feed input breed with increased output of eggs and meat, and as a means to achieve this, the dual purpose chicken breed called Noiler was bred.
Noiler chicken are perfect for both rural and urban communities, it can also help solve the financial problems of the country as Noiler production is very profitable.
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Characteristics of Noiler chicken breed
1. Appearance: They come in different colors like, yellow, black, brown, grey specks, white. This makes them beautiful but all the same you can come across some ugly noilers.
2. Growth rate: noilers grows at a very fast rate and are good converter of feed, they don’t only depend on formulated feeds, even if left to free range, they soon convert their feed into meat and become heavier. Within 4 to 5 months, they attain a weight between 3 to 4 kg. Their feeds are cheaply sought as you can also feed them with kitchen left overs and edibles like rice, maize, chicken mash, soya, worms. As a way to ensure their growth remains sharp, you need to deworm and vaccinate them on time.
3. Egg production: 
Noiler pullets should start laying eggs at five months old, although some starts at four months. Their eggs are relatively bigger and with dark yellow egg yolk when compared with our local chicken. Once noiler starts laying, they lay for a period of two years.
4. Noiler meat production:
Noiler produces alot of meat and their meat is evenly distributed all over its body, it concerts it’s feed well so the farmer doesn’t need to spend alot to attain this. Within 12 weeks, Noiler gets mature and ready for slaughter as it would have attained about 3.5kg or more. It is disease resistant and it’s meat production remains high as long as they are well fed and taken care of. They also taste good.
5. Hatching:
Unfortunately, Noiler doesn’t brood, so you will need an incubator or a local hen to hatch the eggs. If incubated, about 80% of Noiler fertile eggs will hatch. Therefore, incubator is the ultimate solution.
6. Housing:
They can either be free range or semi free range birds. If you have enough land space, free range will be the best option but ensure to build fence round them to ensure their safety. And if you have chicken cage that meets poultry house construction standard, you can keep them there.
If you intend to raise Noiler chicken, be rest assured that you can meet it’s feed requirements. They can scratch the ground for their food and still convert it to meat thereby making them easy and less expensive to keep. If well taken care of, you can make huge amount of money from selling their meat and eggs.

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