A Guide to finding the right Bra size

Most women do not feel comfortable because they wear the wrong bra size, use this guide to find your right bra size.
How to measure band size
1. Remove your top or blouse leaving only an unpadded bra
2. Measure around your rib cage; directly under the bra
3. Keep the measuring tape close-fitting and flat around your torso.
4. Round up the measurement to the nearest even number
5. With this measurement, determine your band size from the chat below
Measurement       band size
27                          30
28                          32
29                          32
30                          32
31                          34
32                          34
33                          34
34                          36
35                          36
36                          36
37                          38
38                          38
After 38-band size, your size should be the highest even number closest to your actual measurement.
How to measure cup size
1. Still with the same bra you measured band size, measure the fullest width of the bust
2. Ensure the measurement is even around your breast, but don’t make it too tight. Allow some breathing space.
3. Round up the measurement to the nearest even number
How to determine cup size
Subtract your band size from your bust measurement
Bust – band = cup
1   inch difference       A cup
2   inch difference       B cup
3   inch difference       C cup
4   inch difference       D cup
5   inch difference       E cup
6   inch difference       F cup
7   inch difference       G cup
8   inch difference       H cup
9   inch difference        I cup
10 inch difference       J cup
11 inch difference       K cup
12 inch difference        L cup
13 inch difference        M cup
14 inch difference        N cup
Stoop, scoop and swoop
1. Lean forward from the waist, allowing the breast to drop into the cup
2. Then gently bring the breast tissue forward from the back towards the cleavage
3. Then, swoop in front of and on top of the underwire into the cup
If you are still overflowing, then the cup is too small, and you will need a larger one.
How does it feel?
If it’s too small
*The breast spills over and on top of the bra
*The center section of the bra wouldn’t lie flat
*The underwire would make you uncomfortable, poking or riding up on the skin
*Underwire stands away from the body
*The shoulder strap would dig into the skin
If it’s too big
*The cup of the bra would wrinkle
*There would be space between the breast and the cup
*Unsupported breast would droop forwarded
*Under band won’t sit level at the front and back
*Adjustable strap would slide off the shoulder
If it fits perfectly
*Band rests low and is even
*Strap would be comfortable and fully supportive
*The center section of the bra would lie flat
*The breast will not spill over the cup and the cup will be smooth
*Underband is level at the front and back
*The bust will be supported and naturally shaped
*The underwire would sit flat.

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