How to cook Nigerian Fried Rice without Coloring (With Ingredients)

Fried rice Ingredients without coloring.
Meat or chicken
Veg. Oil
Green pepper
Green pea
Sweet corn (optional)
Spring onion
green beans
Step 1: wash your rice thoroughly and parboil it(not too soft) with salt, curry, Thyme and maggi(very important so you can get the fried rice colour without adding any green colouring to it).
Step 2: Boil your meat/chicken till tender with seasoning.
Step 3: Remove the meat from the water and set the water aside. Fry the meat/chicken to your desired colour and set aside.
Step 4: drain the sweet corn water, slice your carrot, onion, spring onion, green pepper, green pea and liver separately. Use the same oil you used in frying your meat to fry them and stir as you fry till tender. Add the seasoning as well but be careful as you’ve added seasoning to the rice already.
Step 5: add one third of the stock water in it and mix then add one third of your parboiled rice in it and mix. Repeat this till you end up adding your rice.
Step 6: Add more water if you feel the stock water isn’t enough to make it soft and cover of for a while to make it soft. When it’s almost ready, add your green bean to it
Viola your fried rice is ready.

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