1.Germany lost the most World Cup finals in football history (4 times)

2.Juventus lost the most UCL finals in football history (7 times)

3.Cristiano Ronaldo is the only player in history to win the Ballon d’or without winning a single trophy (2013)

4.Jorge Campos is a goalkeeper who sometimes plays as a striker. He scored 46 open play goals

5.Martin Palermo missed 3 penalties in a single match…his team later lost 3-0 at full-time (1999)

6.Sinsa Mihajlovic scored 3 freekicks in a single match for Lazio (1999)

7.Gerardo Bedoya received 46 red cards in his career…Sergio Ramos received 27

8.Mark Hughes played 2 different matches in 1 day. After playing for Wales in Euros🏆qualifier, he flew to Germany to play for Bayern in DFB cup🏆 (1987)

9.Sebastian Adreu holds the record for playing for 32 different clubs😳

10.Ibrahimovic scored a bicycle kick from over 30 yards (longest bicycle kick)

11.Jone Samuelsen scored a header from over 60 yards😲 (longest header)

12.Ibrahimovic scored on his UCL debut, Eredivisie debut, La Liga debut, Serie A debut, Ligue 1 debut, EPL debut, MLS debut & his competitive Sweden debut…INSANE😮

13.In 2000, a referee blew the starting whistle…a player named “Lee Todd” exlaimed “F*¢k me, that was loud”…Boom, the ref didn’t appreciate it
Instant Red Card🟥

14.In 2013, Serge Djiehoua was brought in as a substitute…he played 3 seconds, made a foul & received Red Card🟥 immediately.
He smiled as he was took off
That was his first & last game for the club

15. In 2016, a goalkeeper named Alireza Beirenvand broke the record for the longest throw in a competitive match.
He threw the ball with his hands. It travelled 61 metres⚡

16. Penalty shootout was introduced in 1970

17. Offside was introduced in 1863

18. In 1946, a cup match between Stockport and Doncaster rovers lasted for3 hours, 26 minutes They later tossed a coin to determine the winner
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