How to make a Poultry Business plan

Why make a business plan
– it acts as a blue print for the success of you Farm
– it helps to give direction

Format of the business plan

Business Name
Should be easy to remember
Example joan poultry Farm

Vision and mission

The vision
-Helps to define the farm
-what you’re striving towards
-what you want to achieve
– directs all farm activities

The vision for Joan poultry farm will be

” To become the leading providers of high quality chicken for meat in Uganda”

Goals and objectives

The goals you set should motivate you.
They can be divided into three l.e
Short term
3-6 months

Mid term
One year

Long term
3-5 years
It’s very important to thing big and remain realistic
The goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant Γ nd should have time bound .

The goal should be big enough to inspire you.

The goal should focus on the of farm outlets and number of bird’s


What exactly are you going to be selling to the people
– πŸ₯ chicks
– πŸ₯š egg’s
– πŸ– meat
– πŸ— chicken for meat

Be specific
In this case our product will be broilers for meat πŸ–πŸ₯“

What problem do the product solve ?

Your unique selling market and competition
Why should people buy from you not your competitors.
Who shall you sell to ?
For our case street . hospital’s supermarkets and few restaurants.

You should think about your competitors
Look at their strength, weakness
How to better them .

How will you sell your products?
How will you get people to know about it at the beginning.

Will you use radio πŸ“»
Word of mouth πŸ‘„
Community meeting 🀝

You need to plan for all eventualities

What if the street vendors don’t buy .
You must have it planned out.

Here you write down all things you need to start the poultry πŸ— farm
Sawdust etc.

The people involved
This is a very important stage
Write the people who will be in charge of finances. marketing and day to day activities.

Financial plan
-write the following
Start up capital amount.
– sources of money
– it also forcast revenue

In case of any Question comment below πŸ‘‡β¬‡οΈ I will try to answer you .

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