What you should know before registering for 2023 Jamb

It’s 2023, JAMB registration starts this month. Before you opt in, please note that studying some very tough courses like

Human anatomy

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Political science
Aeronautical engineering

in Nigeria may be a waste of time.

Most of the people who studied these courses don’t practice.
These people come back to study medicine/nursing or get skilled in tech and become tech bros and sis which is a smart move.🥰🥰🥰
Except you desire to work in a bank, become a secondary school teacher or a lecturer after your masters in a specialized field.
Except you’d be travelling out to further and get a job in western Countries. Except it’s a course you know about and you CHOOSE to go for by yourself.

Instead of microbiology, why not consider studying Medical Laboratory Science/Nursing.

We no longer in the era of going to the University to feel among!

Be intentional.

– The Valiant Writer.

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