I want to share a business idea with women who want to make 2023 great.

It requires low startup capital.

Listen carefully.

2023 has just started.
A lot of people have new year resolutions.

Almost 4 out of every 10 women above 30 years, has a resolution to lose weight in 2023.

This is the time to enter them, collect their money and give them a banging body for 2023.

Listen carefully.

Infact, sit up and keep reading.

The idea is making vegetable swallow to replace carbohydrate swallows.

Go and buy a bag of eggplant fruit (it looks like giant size garden egg but it is purple colour). The last one I bought was 5000 Naira for a sack at Mile 12 market in Lagos.

Wash it, cut it into pieces and take to the grinding machine to grind.

When you come back from grinding, pour the paste into that sieve that looks like pillowcase. The one you use in making pap.

Drain the water very well.

Pack it small-small in nylon bags and freeze.

Buy psyllium husk. It is a powder used to thicken veggie swallow because they have no starch. It is fibre.

One tea spoon of psyllium husk can make one serving of veggie swallow.

So you will pack the psyllium husk into tiny sachets of one tea spoon.

Record a video of yourself making the veggie swallow. It takes less than 8 minutes to make.

Using social media and Whatsapp, start finding and building your customer base.

Teach women to replace their carb swallow with veggie swallow.

You sell the frozen swallow plus the psyllium husk to them.

You teach them to make the swallow by sending the video you recorded on Whatsapp.

Remember this business will keep customers with you for several months, so your customer service game has to be top notch.

No yama-yama o. Do a good job in the production, the packaging and the customer service.

Even men who want to reduce their pot belly will buy from you.

Even diabetic patients will buy from you.

Collect testimonials of before and after pictures. This is your hottest sales weapon.

Build more and more customers.

Learn bad-ass customer retention strategies. Use Whatsapp to follow up your customers like mad.

Sister, that business you started with less than 100k will soon start giving you over 200k monthly.

Let me stop here.

God sent me to someone, that person is jumping now and planning implementation.

Another is heading to the comment section to argue that there is no light and that everyone knows the idea.

I wonder who told you that because everyone knows garri, we are all frying garri inside our houses.

May this idea bless someone and enrich your 2023.

I love you!


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