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By: Dr Paul Enenche

We want to appreciate and honour God Almighty for His goodness and mercies to us in this passing year – our year of overflowing Grace and Glory.

We saw the overflow of Grace and Glory in different dimensions. We saw the explosion of God’s Presence, Power and Principles, both nationally and internationally. We saw the move of God like never before in the nations of Cameroon, Ghana, Zambia, Kenya and the United States of America aside online impact.

We saw the physical visit of worshippers from over one hundred nations in the year 2022
alone. To Him alone be all the praise and honour.

In 2023, we see the Glory rising even beyond the overflow level – we shall see the Glory of the Lord rising upon the saints, upon the church, upon the Nation. We shall see the Glory of the saints, the church and the Nation realized and restored.

So, the prophetic Word for 2023 taken from Isaiah 61:1-End is:

1. Revival explosion
2. Glory Rise, Release, Restoration
3. Light Explosion
4. Darkness Humiliation
5. Honour, Dignity, Distinction for the saints/church (the arrest of shame)
6. Supernatural Supplies Explosion (like never before)
7. Submission of Royalties and Nobles
8. Supernatural Flight

1. Belong to the Kingdom of Light – Col. 1:13.
Every alternative to what God can do for you or give to you is disaster in disguise
Don’t kill yourself because someone appears to be successful and you are not yet successful; Wait for God
The way of the Lord may look slow but it is sure
If you belong to light belong to light; don’t swing between light and darkness
Whenever God wants to give you a major miracle, the devil will give you a major temptation.

In the Name of Jesus, you affliction, you are history in my life; today, I release you out of my life, and I command you, in the Name of Jesus, EXPIRE NOW!

Father, let this prophecy find fulfilment in my life; every force of hell that will resist this prophecy from coming to pass in my life, let them die now, in Jesus’ Name!

– Every altar of delay and stagnation, corruption and bad governance die by fire now!
– Every form of chronic disease, be roasted by fire!
– Today, Jehovah God will contend with fire!
– Everyone connected to this service, you have stepped into a new year without any carryover!
– Whatever was called an altar in your life, today it is roasted by fire!
– Everything my Father in Heaven has not planted in your life, today they are roasted by fire!

– This 31st of December 2022, shall be the obituary of everything you don’t want in your life!
– Every mystery that has followed you all these years, by this time next year, you will look for it but cannot find it!
– Every spirit of death and every disease in your body that has followed your father, mother and lineage that has followed you before now, by this time next year, you shall look for them but cannot find them!
– Marital delay dies tonight!
– Every demon of delay, slow motion and sluggishness they shall die finally tonight!
– This year is going to turn out differently from this last year passing!
– Everything that is not new that you do not like today they shall expire!
(Exodus 14:13-14)
– The Egyptians which you see today, you shall see them no more again forever
(2 Kings 1:10)
– Anything that is a threat to your faith, life and destiny, tonight they shall be consumed by fire – Every ancestral, generational, witchcraft, occultic altar, altar of banditry, terrorism, bad leadership and governance, altar of corruption, every mysterious altar behind every mysterious happening in your life, today they shall catch FIRE!
– Anything that will not let you go shall die tonight!
– This year is your year, it shall not cross into next year!

– Anyone with any embargo on your life, today the embargo is lifted!
– Everything they said you will not achieve, you will achieve!
– Any embargo placed on your lineage, community and family, I declare you shall become the first person to break it! You shall break the SIEGE!
– Every testimony you hear tonight is what is yet to come!
– Everybody who is a Haman, who has erected a gallow to hang, I decree, the gallows they have prepared for you shall become their portion!
– What they have planned and determined concerning you shall become their portion!
– The position they have occupied from which they are terrorizing your life, they shall lose that position and you are taking it by fire!
– Every demonic arrow fired into your life, body and destiny, today they are retrieved and refired back to sender!
– Every devil that wants you dead, they shall be laid to rest in this season!
– Anything you trust God to settle for you shall be settled this year!
– Every premature journey to eternity that the devil has programmed for you and your loved ones, that journey is cut short!
– Every stubborn spirit in your life, tonight they shall die!
– Every demonic cycle, evil pattern around your life and family, by this fire service tonight, it shall be roasted by fire!
– Every premature grave they have dug for you or your loved ones, that grave is covered and if they don’t want to cover it, those that dug it shall be buried in that grave!
– Chronic singleness, today is your end!
– Whatever you wrote last year that did not happen, this year you shall write it and it shall happen!
– Every area of your life where the devil is challenging your faith and your confidence, confronting your stand, it is over now!
– Every claim of the kingdom of darkness, of hell, the powers of witchcraft, of the occult, over your life, today the claim is broken!
– Every demonic personality that followed you here, tonight is the expiration date!
– Whatever belongs to you that has not yet appeared is appearing now!
– This year, limitations shall be broken!
– Those waiting to mock you, before this month is over, God will show them what He can do in your life!

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