[Mp3 Audio] THE GLORY IS RISEN By: Dr Paul Enenche

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By: Dr Paul Enenche

SERVICE OBJECTIVE(S): Understanding the responsibilities in order to function in the realm of risen Glory

Before God does something He says something; the sayings of God precede the doings of God
Reality is the child of prophecy
God does not confirm assumptions, He confirms declarations (Num. 14:28; Isa. 44:26)
The year we are stepping into is the year where glory rises
The year is the year the glory of individuals shall be manifested (1 Cor. 15:41; Isa. 35:2)

1. Revival explosion
Effortless prayer, worship and waiting on the Lord; evangelism shall be effortless

2. Glory Rise, Release, Restoration

3. Light Explosion
God will show us thongs out of Scripture that will amaze us
The reason why there is a negative cycle around your life shall be exposed in this season

4. Darkness Humiliation
Every force of darkness around your life shall be thoroughly humiliated!

5. Honour, Dignity, Distinction for the saints/church (the arrest of shame)
People will consider it honourable to associate with you (Isa. 60:1)

6. Supernatural Supplies Explosion (like never before) (Isa. 60:3-6)
Begin to think in terms of a generational financial institution
If you trust God for resources for His Kingdom, then prayer for your own resources have ended.
If God can trust you to pass His resources through your hands, then you will never beg for what to eat.

7. Submission of Royalties and Nobles

8. Supernatural Flight (Isa. 60:8)
Every time God gives prophecy, He will give responsibilities.
Every time God gives provision, He will give you conditions.

1. Belong to the Kingdom of Light – Col. 1:13.
God alone is more than enough for you
It is either God or God, not the devil.

2. Avoid unfruitful works of darkness – Eph. 5:11. Sin causes us to fall short of Glory – Rom. 3:23.
Every time you embrace the lifestyle of sin, you are bringing the glory realm under attack.

3. Embrace the light of the Word – Isaiah 60:1; 58:6,8.

4. Embrace the lifestyle of passionate praying – Luke 9:29.
The way of the Glory is the way of prayer

5. Exist as a Kingdom servant – John 2:5,11.
The rescue of the lost is the heartbeat of God
Any service you do in church that drives people away from church is a useless, demonic service.

6. Be committed to Divine instruction (John 2:5)
Divine instruction can come from the mouth of your pastor, it can come from study of the word etc.
Come to the point where when you sit in church, it is only you that they are speaking to.

7. Be committed to giving God His Glory (John 12:23-24)
If God is not afraid for His Glory, He won’t be afraid to release it.
If you don’t forget where God brought you from, then you will not forfeit where God is taking you to.
Every time you see anything good in your life, just realise there is One Who did it.
If God can give you One Billion and not lose you to hell from pride, then there is no limit.
To be upright is to end right up

Father, this year is my year, I have crossed over and there is no carry over, in Jesus name

Help me Lord never to compromise with the devil; help me Lord to belong to this Kingdom of light; give me the grace to avoid the unfruitful works of darkness Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, give me access to the Light of Your Word; open my eyes to see wondrous things out of Your Book; I receive the grace for prayer and supplication; help me to exist as a Kingdom servant, and be committed to soul winning; help me to hear and obey Divine instruction and help me to live the life of humility and death to self, to give You Your glory all the time. Deliver me from pride and arrogance Lord, in Jesus’ Name!

Father, help me Lord to fulfil Your expectations for my life this year; help me to become everything You have prophesied about my life this year Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, deliver me from every pitfall, obstacle, or satanic limitation that may hinder the full manifestation of Your purpose for my life this year; deliver me Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, this year I will be upright and all, in Jesus name

– The God Who brought you into 2023 has a purpose for you and that purpose shall be fulfilled!
– God Who made you see the beginning of 2023 will make you see the beginning of 2024 if Jesus tarries to come! You shall not be cut short before your time, in Jesus’ Name!
– I prophesy the blessing of life, peace, Divine direction, Divine preservation, Divine Presence and Divine supplies in 2023!
– Proceed in revival!
– The glory belonging to you no devil shall divert it!
– Light is exploding in your life right now!
– The altars of darkness around your life and family are roasted by fire!
– Get ready and step into the realm of honour, dignity and distinction!
– Supernatural supplies are your portion!
– Kings and nobles shall submit to you!
– In this season, whatever tied you to the ground level, that chain is broken! Arise and fly in Jesus’ Name!
– Life is released into your system; what cannot be found in Christ shall not be found in you now, in Jesus’ Name!

– Every death scheduled for you in this new year returns back to hell; you shall not be killed before your time and you shall fulfil your days!
– Every verdict of the enemy concerning your life, today, it is cancelled and deleted!
– The glory of your family that the devil tried to bury shall rise!
– There is a restoration of the glory belonging to you that the devil tried to bury!
– God is using you to start a new order of glory, honour, fame and dignity!
– Our nation is on the verge of an exploding glory!
– Before this year goes very far, you and your family will step into what God has in store for you!
– The glory is rising and all eyes shall see it!
– Every agent of darkness that will not let us rest shall be laid to rest!
– This shall be the best year of your life so far and before January goes far, your expectations must come to pass!

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